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Called customer relations 5 times each time hung up on or disconected when told to hold that they were getting help or more info..I called because when I use Visa debit card and want money back the option is not available because new cards have a chip. I use same card at other stores and can get money back.Customer reps.

Hung up on me on purpose 3 times the other 2 times by mistake may be.I asked for help at store told to call custmer relations.Never been treated this badly. They hung up and figured that I would go away

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Debit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If they hung up on you on purpose chances are you were being rude. They have a right to refuse service.

to Anonymous #1090621

I was not being rude. How can you make this assumption?

to smokeystout71 #1090864

Well if you were rude you are not going to admit it, either because you don't want to, or you did not consider yourself as being rude. People do not hang up on you if you are polite.

Then again perhaps they hung up on you because the could not understand you. If you speak as poorly as you type I can see this being the case.

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