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Salesmen spent a great deal of our time showing us Noni tablet. Both men were showing everything about it.

The price was clearly marked two times at 179.95

They discovered this was not the right price. They were going to sell us to it at that price and manager wouldn't let them. Manager was rude and didn't apologize. One salesman did say sorry we wasted your time.

Don't you have to sell an item at the posted price. This is false advertising.

Sounds illegal!!!! Mad as ***....

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Deal.

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First of all before buying something this expensive you should check with a parent first because these items you cannot refund. A parent would also be able to tell you that no, and not giving you your way is not the same as being rude.

They probably could not sell the item to you anyways because you are ten years old. How do I know this, because adults don't mistake being told no ad rude.


at least the employee took blame and said they were sorry for wasting your time. since the security breech they are having a lot of issues with pricing being correct I would check every single thing you buy from target.

sales are not always sales they often ring up at full price and good luck trying to get it corrected. BUYER BEWARE


Not if a customer has put a different price tag on an item. As far as that goes a new employee could have priced it wrong. The days of the customer being right all the time are long gone, because of the attitude of a lot of customers.

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