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My 5month old daughter was life flighted to a Peoria, Illinois hospital for emergemcy brain surgery. She had her surgery and was ready to be released from the hospital so I went to the local Target to purchase an infant carrier so I could take her home. There were lots and lots of car seats to choose from on the display shelf. However, when I went to find any of the 6 yes, SIX girls or even gender neutral seats that they had not one of them was available for purchase. One of the cashiers up front sent someone to help me when I tried to purchase the display. ENTER Diane..... My husband and I walked back to the area where the carseats were and we were met by an older woman named Diane. As soon as we walked into the isle we could feel the frustration in the air. She was digging thru boxes on the shelves mumbling something about not being paid enough. I pointed out six different seats that would work. She scanned each one and time after time stated that it was not in stock. After going thru all the seats I asked which infant carrier WAS available for purchase. She snapped back obviously not the one you want.

I have never been treated so poorly in my life by someone in the customer service industry. Perhaps Target should screen their employees a little better before letting them deal with their customers. I have been shopping at my local Target for years upon years several times a week and never been treated in this manner. I understand that everyone has bad days but this incident left a bad enough taste in my mouth that I will no longer be giving Target ANY of my money.

I did get my carseat. I went to WalMart where there were lots of carseats available to purchase.

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