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I received a gift from Target off my registry as a wedding present. Unfortunately there is a missing piece and we can't put it together.

When I called Target I was put on hold for the first 20 minutes, then transferred. I waited on hold for another 10 minutes and when someone finally got on, I had to explain the issue for a second time to this person. She hardly understood me and just kept repeating everything I said. She then took 10 minutes trying to find the product on my registry.

She said the only thing she could do is give me the manufacturers phone number. I told her I don't even want it anymore and want to return label so I can send it back to them. They said they don't send return labels, they just pass off their customers to the manufacturers once the sale is made. I asked to speak to a supervisor which took another 10 minutes, and the supervisor didn't apologize for anything and said there was nothing they could do and I should just return the item to a store even though I don't live anywhere near a Target.

I told her I needed to talk to someone who could do something, and she transferred me to guest relations which is the exact same place I started! I am done shopping there - very disappointed with how they follow through with their customers and their service was appalling.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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other than Ethan and myself, there's definitely some morons in this post about Target.


Wilma you are a *** as well since you dno't know when to use capital letters. In your first sentence you did not capitalize Target.

As for the OP, waiting ten minutes is not that long a wait for a store. The world does not revolve around you and you have to wait your turn.

I feel very sorry for your husband. He obviously did not know what he got into when he married you and I just hope you don't have children because you need lots of patience to raise them which you lack.


I wanted my target card to be sent to a diff. Address .

I was authenticated over the phone therefore why would I need to send an address change in the mail. I work in ust. Serv.

and we have to be pleasant and help. Target customer service is employed by complete morons!


Target's service is appalling. This is a lesson I learned the hard way after Hurricane Katrina, and plan to pass onto every person I possibly can to warn them.

I am very sorry that you had an entire registry on Target.

At least my experience was held down to around $100.00 I didn't have after the hurricane, but you had the misery of having an entire house stocked at a place where customer service is non-existent. Please warn your family, friends and contacts, and good luck in your future.

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