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Let me preface this story with letting you know that I have two small kids and am disabled and getting out to get the shopping done is at times a feat! Today was one of those days!

I spent over 2 hours shopping for household daughters birthday items and groceries. I used a credit card that I rarely use and as it does was denied...(this bank sucks too...thats a whole different complaint) Never mind the fact that there is PLENTY of money in the accnt.. I asked if they could please hold the items and I would go home........get the other card for that accnt and be RIGHT BACK! I was assured that my items would be in CUstomer Service.

I went home......I am disabled and my legs were hurting so my husband went IMMEDIATELY back to pay for the items. THey were ALL RESTOCKED! They said there were cold items in they restocked EVERYTHING! When he told me I burst into tears.

Then i called the manager to complain. She said she was sorry............

Monetary Loss: $451.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #148654

Actualy Cathy, I think if her children got sick because they kept her food products out of the freezer she would not care, but mind you that she has to move her fat *** and find all the products again. Her disability is probably obesity, and she was probably tired because her legs had to carry her lazy fat body for five whole minutes.

Hopefully this will make the crybaby cry more.

Also if the OP came here for sympahty than she is a real loser. Lisa P is not the OP Cathy, she just got fired from Target, made a letter about it about how she got fired for being late a few times.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #148653

Target owes no one an apology. Food safety laws would force them to put the items back if a customer does not return quickly.

She said she went home, and her husband had to finish the shopping for her. So this was more than the few hours that she was supposed to return.

I agree with ghostbuster, why could your husband not get the cold items which were restocked. Which would you rather have your children getting sick because of spoiled products from being outside the freezer too long or to get products which were put back for your own safety.

Don't worry ghostbuster, I have a feeling that Lisa P is a friend of the OP, or knows the OP herself.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41951

Helllo Lisa P, I am eleven and Target does not hire eleven year olds, besides the fly liked my comment. She did not even pay for the items because her credit card was declined.

Also her husband did not come home with what she wanted so she cried. Everything makes her cry I bet.

Ryde, New South Wales, Australia #23174

Ghostbuster the arrogance of your message being both unsympathetic and a pathetic response, especially when you dont know the whole perameters, yet think the worst and defend Target. It says far more about you and the type of ignorant person you obviously are than the complainant.

A easy way out of this would be for Target to allocate someone to help them reselect the items, with an apology. Let me guess you work for Target and/or are just truly sad.

Targets customer service has gone way down hill in recent years, may be they need someone to educate the management and employees how to deal and be sympathic to their customers. Your kind of response achieves none of that.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #14851
No offence but why did your husband not just get the items that were restocked. Also how long were you gone for before your husband went to buy the items.

If you said you would come back in a certain period of time and that passed along with the grace time they probably put the items back because they thought you won't come back.

Blame your husband for making you cry. :cry :cry

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