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2 comments has their own coupons that can be used with manufacturing coupons. Try and use them though and managers go nuts!!! I have been accused of being fraudulent because I print out my coupons black and white to save on the price of using colored ink. I have had my bags check by security and managers to compare the use of my coupons to what is in my bag. How embarrassing is that?

I have had random employees talk openly about me accusing me of being a scammer!! Yet, my items match the coupons, and I have never been "caught" stealing. One manager went as far to following me around the store, isle to isle. My ten year old finally had to ask me why the strange man was following us. When I approached the manager, he stated that he could follow me and that he was just doing his job. I asked him if he thought I was stealing and he denied so. Why follow me then?

So, coupons are supposed to save money, but in Target they cost you your reputation!!! I continue to use my coupons and each time I go to the register a manager comes to check out my stuff!!! I try and ignore their pettiness and simply smile when I have saved at least half of what I spent!!

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As a Target team member, I'll let you know that the fault lies in cashier's who don't care about doing their job well. The kids we hire will accept any coupon to avoid confrontation.

I check coupons and if they match products, then that's that. Sounds like the management at your local target is incompetent and doesn't pay attention to the many different types of coupons that Target has to offer.


It's wonderful that you can keep a smile on your face when you shop at a store where you are treated like a criminal.

Personally, I think it is a horrible practice, and will not do business with a company that treats me that way. I am not a thief and do not accept being treated like one by simply following their discount programs.

If you enjoy your savings that much, then press on.

I believe that my reputation is not worth the price of a few dollars savings, and will not let myself be compromised for any reason, much less for a discounted item I am trying to pay for. My dignity is worth much more than the savings Target offers.

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