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My husband and I went to the Everett WA Target store this morning to purchase cell phones and start a new acct with AT&T. We were told that there is only one person on their entire staff that can handle that transaction and we would have to come back at 3 p.m. We asked the employee to call the Lk Stevens WA store to make sure their employee was in and that there was stock available. Yes and yes so we drove over there and arrived at noon.

Two hours and 15 minutes later we finally got out of there. The employee didn't know how to do anything, asked me which number he should enter into the computer from the SIM card, and had to call his boss every 3 minutes. There was no manager on duty at noon that he could go to with questions.

The store also lost sales from 6 other customers because there was no one else in the department and the boy helping us did not page anyone else to help out. He just told the customers they would have to wait.

I have to say I have never been a big Target fan anyway but their sale price on my husband's phone was so good that we had to go there. I am so glad this is over with and we won't be back!

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