Target - ***, Georgia cashiers are worthless when it comes to customer service. Two weeks in a row I handed over coupons totalling more than $10.00 and each time the cashier said -"It's too late, I've already totalled your purchase .

. . I had not paid for the transaction yet! Two weeks in a row I was forced to walk to the other end of the building to a customer service desk to recover the value of my coupons.

I'm done shopping at Target.

I don't like Wal-Mart, but they don't dodge my coupons.

R. Carroll

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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While I agree you should let them know you have coupons beforehand, life gets busy and if you are shopping with kids, you can forget things like that, but as someone who has worked in retail I also know its not a big deal to BACK out of the transaction to process the coupons, especially if it has not yet been paid for.


Good day. I am Ballman.

I always get what I want at stores. I had the same problem at that target. I just rub my ballz on the converyor belt and the scanner. They take my coupons then HA HA!.

I go to Mcdonalds, they charge me for sauce at the drivethrough. I dash in the store and begin rubbing my ballz on all the patrons food HA HA, FREE SAUCE HA HA!

I go to walmart, I said I ordered a Wii online, they said they are out of them and the order cancelled, I then rub my ballz on the managers face and he flies to Japan and picks me up one HA HA. "If life throws you falls, just rub your BALLZ!!!" HA HA BALLMAN!!!


Or maybe you could tell the cashier you have coupons before she rings everything


Do the world a favor and don't breed. The world can't support anymore *** people.


Maybe your dumb@ss should be smart enough to hand them the coupons at the BEGINNING of the transaction. The cashiers are not mind readers.

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