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A couple of weeks ago my mother and I went to Target and tried to purchase some items we waited in line for a while and I'm my mom's check didn't go through so we were very upset she called the company the target company and they said that there's nothing that they could do because the check was too high it was only a certain amount of money wasn't even over $200 the amount due and we were very upset and even embarrassed cuz every customer and in the surrounding area was staring at us like we had no money and there was plenty of money in in my mother's account but there was just an issue with their system because it would not approve the check they said all you need to write two checks because the check was too high it wasn't even over $200 we've spent so much money throughout the years at Target and they said that they could not take the check so that was very inconvenient and I talk to Target Corporate Center and they said that they were going to fix it but it just needs to be fixed it was very ridiculous we waited in the line for about 15 minutes cuz it was such a long line and there weren't that many registers open and we weren't very happy and I'm not going to stop there anymore then told my mother not to as well so we're not shopping at Target ever again

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They can't accept checks over a certain amount because of fraudulent checks, you write a check, it never goes through (not saying you didnt have enough money) they do not get money for the items you have already taken out of the store ect.

Simple logic to protect the company.

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Can you just stick to the point and not write a novel? Besides it is 2016 who still uses checks?

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