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Update by user Jan 05, 2017

am surprised by the tone of the commenters on here.Is it a full time job to make fun of those posting on this site and try to poke holes in their stories?

Or perhaps you work undercover for Target? I understand completely that Target is NOT to blame that I took my eyes off my purse while shopping in their store that night.

I learned a valuable lesson and my purse will never be stolen again because I wasn't paying attention. I am, however, deeply disappointed in how Target responded to the problem.

1) Although there is video surveillance, nobody but one person has access to it? And we had to wait 10 hours for that person to be available to help. 2) The only person who has access to the video surveillance waited for more than 20 hours after the incident to follow up in any way with me.

He hadn't even bothered to look at the video surveillance.

3) He called me back 30 minutes later to tell me the purse was found and had been at customer service THE WHOLE TIME beginning sometime on the night of the incident. Nobody knew what time it was turned in, where it was found, or how the customer service employee who accepted it was unaware of a reported theft that same night of a matching purse. The police officer had stood with me near the service desk for more than 2 hours. 4) When my husband called to complain to the store manager, he was insulted and hung up on.

I worked at the service desk of a competing department store 20 years ago.

Had we had a similar situation, it would have been handled differently. Targets response makes no sense.

There are so many things that are confusing.

And why isn't Target willing to view the video surveillance to check to see if a crime was indeed committed? I still say that my purse was stolen.And it almost seems like Target is covering for the perpetrator.

Original review posted by user Dec 29, 2016

I want to register a very big complaint against the American Fork, Utah Target store. I was doing some shopping on December 13 and my purse was stolen out of the front of the cart (a fairly deep space that wouldn't allow it to accidentally fall out of the cart) where it was sitting.

This was around 6:15 pm and I was over in the magazine section of the store (looking at word search books requested for a sub for Santa I was shopping for). I am absolutely certain that the purse was in my cart and I turned away for a few moments looking at the books and when I turned around it was gone. I immediately ran to the service desk and told them my purse had been stolen. They suggested I call the police and file a report.

After somebody let me use their phone to contact the police, I went out to my van to keep an eye out for somebody trying to steal it using my remote access keys in my purse. The policeman arrived shortly after that, and officer Hagar took down all the details and did a quick look around the store in men's bathrooms and garbages to see if it had been abandoned somewhere. We were near the service desk till after 7:30 and were both incredibly dismayed to learn that although Target has security cameras, the ONLY person with access to them was unavailable till the next day. The police officer promised to come in the next morning to review the tapes.

My husband came to pick me up and we left around 8 to go home. I was incredibly upset and worried that somebody had my drivers license with my address along with my house and car keys. I was understandably concerned that they might try to break into our home. My husband immediately went to Home Depot and spent $400 on new keys (the keypad kind).

Unfortunately the installation was not too simple and he had to return to Home Depot the next morning (taking several hours off work to do it) since there was a defect in one of the locks. He barred the doors with furniture as an extra precaution. And I cancelled all of my credit cards (and had my husband cancel my debit card immediately). The next day I had high hopes that the officer would be able to review the video footage and at least get a facial for the culprit.

But I got a call around noon to tell me that Target has a policy that the security manager needs to first review the footage and write a report before forwarding the footage over to the police. More than 3 hours later I got a call from the security manager asking me what time it happened and where in the store I was and what I was wearing (questions he should have already had the answer to upon arriving at work that morning -- it was after 3 pm and it was obvious he was just finally getting around to it, more than 13 hours after the incident. VERY INEFFICIENT, TARGET! He called me about 30 minutes later and what he told me sounded extremely suspicious.

He said he had good news. My purse was found at the customer desk and had been turned in LAST NIGHT. He actually was very careful to tell me that he was talking to someone at the service desk on a completely unrelated topic when they mentioned a purse had been turned in the night before. (I wish I could have heard the unrelated topic that brought that up).

When was my purse turned in????? Was it while I was standing there with the police officer by the service desk for several hours? He wasn't sure what time it was but thought that the employee who received it had not been there while the fiasco was going on. Which doesn't make sense to me -- I worked at the Shopko service desk years ago and there isn't generally a shift beginning after 8 pm for a store that closes a few hours later.

And if there had been a theft at my high school job, ALL employees would have been alerted, especially at the service desk. On the night of the theft, I asked if they could alert employees and ask them to check bathrooms and such and was informed that they already had and dressing rooms and bathrooms had been checked immediately. But a customer service employee heard nothing about such a huge event??? So in the end the security manager indicated that there was no reason to look at security footage.

My purse was returned and nothing was missing that I could see. But I asked them to review it anyways since I know it was stolen and I wanted confirmation of that. But Target refuses. My husband spoke with the police officer and was told that there was nothing they could do and Target never provided them with the footage.

And my husband just got off the phone with the store manager who called me a liar and told my husband he was a sad and pathetic person and hung up on him. I probably should have been the one talking to the store manager since I have held positions in customer service management and I do better with working with people who lack customer service skills as this manager obviously does. My husband doesn't have nearly the patience I do in dealing with incompetence. At this point, we are looking at taking legal action in this incident.

My husband feels very strongly that Target is covering for an employee or friend who stole the purse. When the police showed up quickly, the employee turned the purse in. The security manager couldn't tell me who turned the purse in, what time they turned it in, where the purse was found or anything. The store manager insists that I lost my purse and it wasn't stolen.

But I know it was stolen. Somebody took it out of my cart. And the video footage will prove it. And my guess is the security manager will recognize the perpetrator of the crime if he watches the footage.

I think he already knows who it is. I am asking that the footage be watched by both the security manager and by the police. If both of them confirm it wasn't stolen after watching it, only then will I believe them. I am also asking for $500 to reimburse for the locks we purchased and for the hassle of canceling all my credit cards.

It caused a lot of stress and inconvenience during the holidays. ********* Notes from my husband: Tuesday 27, Dec 2016 – Talked to Officer Hager of the AFPD about the case and was told that Target told them that the purse was returned the next day after it was missing and that there was no case to pursue for them. Thurday 29, Dec 2016 1:40 pm– Called and talked to Jared Maynes (Store Manager of Target) about the stolen purse. I asked why the AFPD did not yet receive a copy of the video to look at and why Target had informed AFPD that there was no case to be investigated.

Jared informed me that there was no case and that the purse was found and returned the next day – no case to investigate. I asked him if he reviewed the tape and confirmed the facts presented to him that the purse was misplaced by Beth in the store and not stolen. He told me that Target does not allow regular citizens into the security booth to look at video. I told him that I was not asking to look at the video, but for the AFPD to review the video.

Jared then told me that he did not know what story I was being told by my wife, but that there was no case to investigate and Beth was lying about the whole incident. He then told me that I was sad and was trying to make something out of nothing.

I remarked that Target was being sad by not looking at the facts in the case. Jared cut me off and told me that I was pathetic and hung up the phone on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You need to understand that Target really has more important things to do than try to help an honest customer in need---like make sure everyone knows they can use whatever restroom they like depending on how they feel that day and so on. Best to shop elsewhere.


No one is harassing you. Nothing strange about this site.

The only one doing the harassing is you. You made the mistake and Target is not responsible to pay for it. They are not required to show you tapes. You would have to go to the local police station.

Not everyone that tells you that you are wrong is a Target spy.

Has it ever occurred that you are wrong? You have a lot of growing up to do.


I read the tone, everyone's tone is fine. It is you who is rude and insulting.

You are also wrong. You were careless, you have to pay for your mistake not Target.

Telling you so does not mean that we are Target spies. Grow up.


I have read the replies here. No one is making fun of you.

Most likely no one here works for Target. They are simply telling you the truth.

SInce you were careless and lost your purse they don't owe you $400 because you needed to change your locks. They are not required to pay for YOUR mistake.


Has it ever occurred that the problem is not with site but with you? Come on grow up.

Target is not responsible for your purse. It is sad that you have to claim someone else is posting as you when caught in the lies. Also some of the posters are from Canada and UK and they have no Targets there.

Your theory about them working for Target silly. Just like you little girl.

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1270375

LadyScot assumes she or he is an expert at everything.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1270449

She is not, but she had a good point. Target security cannot just stop doing their job and tend to this self centered "lady" I use the term lady loosely because she thinks Target should pay for something that is her fault.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1271056

I know a heck of a lot about a host of topics, but sadly, no, I do not know nor am I an expert at everything. Close, but not all.

Naples, Florida, United States #1269195

Only salary managers or AP personnel can view video. That is the privacy law.

24 hours to get back to you is fast. They do have a job.

to LadyScot Fullerton, California, United States #1269373

I see another "Target Spy" has posted. Lol.

Be careful or this immature child may call you a "Target Spy" But you are wasting time telling her this. Basically everyone said about the same thing, but she is too thick skulled and immature to admit she is wrong. She will continue to not take any responsibility for her actions and blame Target for losing her purse. Unfortunately her husband is just as immature.

You are right they have another job and do not have to stop their job just to check on who stole her purse. Besides I have an issue with the validity of her post since she keeps changing her story, hopefully Target will use her lies against her so us CUSTOMERS don't have to pay extra because they raised their prices because they had to pay for her mistake.

Fullerton, California, United States #1268436

Also if you lie about us being Target spies, your parents obviously did not raise you right because the parents job is to teach things like not to lie, cheat and steal, and you are doing all three. You are lying when you say that we are Target spies.

You are basically scamming which is a form of stealing when you want Target to pay for your mistake. Good parents also teach you to face the consequences of your actions. Even if the purse was located within hours you would still change your locks. Target owes you nothing.

Besides though you do not act like one you are an adult. They are not required to babysit your purse.

Security has more important things to do than check the cameras right away. Your purse is your responsibility.

Fullerton, California, United States #1268432

I have only ever posted as bethilda1 and my story has not changed in any way. All the anonymous posters pretending to be me are not.

This site is a total farce.


Nope there is nothing wrong with this site, there is something wrong with you. You claimed that am a secret Target spy. You said this about everyone. I am not a Target spy, and I doubt that poster from Canada is a Target spy either since Target closed down form Canada last year or so.

You are lying when you said that I am a Target spy, you are lying when you said everyone else is a secret Target spy. Well you are lying for me and that Canadian poster. If you are lying and saying that Target spies posted all those comments telling you that you are wrong chance are you are also lying when you said that someone else made those posts pretending to be you. You only said this when we found holes in your story.

You admitted that we were looking for holes in your story. Here is some advice for you, if you don't want people to see through your story then don't tell lies. I hope Target seed this and takes you to court for attempting to scam them. Maybe that will help you grow up a little and not to ASSume that people are Target spies for stating 0the truth.

Maybe that will teach you not to try and get $500 from them for something that is your fault. Maybe that will teach you not to keep changing your story and claim someone else posted pretending to be you.

You need to be taught a lesson and Target CUSTOMERS LIKE MYSELF should not have to have prices raised just because you think they owe you $500 for your mistake. What you are failing to do is admit that this was YOUR mistake.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1529907

She is obviously lying. FIrst she claimed the mistake cost her $400 then $500.

Fullerton, California, United States #1266545

If you understand that Target is not to blame why are you still trying to get them to give you $400 for your mistake. They are being reasonable. I think you purposely left your purse behind whether in the magazine rack or in the cart and lied about changing your locks just to get $500 from them.

to MakeMyDay2016 Orem, Utah, United States #1266608

Target is not to blame that my purse was initially stolen out of my cart. But I do hold them responsible for acting unprofessionally and not being responsive to the situation.

If you had your purse or wallet stolen at Targwt, would you be ok with them waiting more than 24 hours to act and to watch the video footage to try to find out who stole in their store?

Again, this is a very strange site. The only reason I posted here is because I was hoping to submit a written complaint TO TARGET but they don't have that option.

to Bethilda1 Fullerton, California, United States #1268254

I am surprised at your immaturity considering you are married aka an adult.

to Bethilda1 Houston, Texas, United States #1268420

Then complain to their Corporate Headquarters since you are this unhappy.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1268425

I think you need to read her other review first to see if she is i the right. You can see her original review and how she kept changing her story once you click on her username.

Basically she thought her purse was stolen from Target and she was afraid since her keys were in the purse, so she changed her locks and all that. Now she wants Target to pay for her having to change her locks because she thinks they are responsible for her purse. She wants $400 for the changing of locks and an extra $100 for anguish that losing the purse cost her. In one post she claims they checked the security cameras 24 hours later, in another she claimed it was two weeks later and in a third she claimed they have never checked the cameras.

In one post she claimed she left it in her cart when it was stolen, in another she claimed she left it in the magazine rack.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1268426

Also when her lies and holes were pointed out she claimed she never made those posts. She is just trying to get $500 out of Target for her mistake.

to Bethilda1 #1529912

How is this site strange. Because people saw through your scam? Target owes you nothing.

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