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I am a loyal Target customer. For years I have had a Target credit card which I pay regularly online. I monitor all my accounts online and have never had a problem. Recently, I made an electronic payment thru their website, like always, and the payment was credited to my account, like always. But then they didn't make the credit available on my account. I waited a few days, but still no available credit. I made another payment and that credit was made available right away.

I called customer service and they said the payment that had not been released had been put on hold for 15 days! The funds left my bank account, a 20 year-old established bank account, but funds on hold nonetheless and there's nothing I could do about it and I should consider myself lucky that this has never happened before and the only way to avoid this in the future was to make an in-store cash payment. What?

I am a weekly Target shopper. I gave my daughter a card to use while she's away at college. We put all our prescriptions there and charge to the card. I make and have made payments to that card 2 and 3 times a month to take advantage of the discounts offered and keep credit available. The customer service rep Thanked me for being a good customer but the 15 day hold stays and no one exists who can make the funds available before then.

Used to be, for every $1000 you charged on the card, they would send you a 10% off certificate. Then, they stopped doing that and just made it 5% off in-store when you use the card. Since they've been pushing people to use the card to get the 5% off, I guess it was too successful? So now they are just not making the credit available to the good cardholders and loyal customers so they don't have to give the 5%. Is that how that's working?

Too bad I hate Wal-Mart with such a passion - Smart & Final here I come!

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Same here. what the heck are they doing?

cleared my bank...shows posted to my account...payment on hold?? :sigh

Same happened here with a large payment 6/24/2011.

Need to get rid of this card! Grrrrrr


The same happened to me with my 06/24/11 payment. Thanks for your post.

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