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Target issued me a credit-card three years ago and I had not used the card in over a year. When I purchased a $300.00 TV online last January ($500.00 credit limit) I made two payments in a month to reduce the balance to $100.

Target automatically lowered my credit limit to $200 right after the purchase. They did not inform me that they were doing this. I called customer service and asked to have it raised again (I have always made timely payments and have very good credit) and they sent me a form letter stating “there was nothing they could do.” I called customer service and they were very dismissive and told me “that I would just have to live with the credit reduction”. I chose instead to pay off the balance, cancel the card and never go to Target again.

ONLY when I stated that I would be cancelling the card, did anyone try to resolve the issue.

It was too late by then. They didn’t treat a good paying customer well and will never make another dime off of me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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They did the same thing to me. I started with a $600 limit and bought a mattress and paid it off quickly.

Then I went to get a tv and went up to the counter only to be told my purchase was denied. We called and I said I have a $600 limit, I paid it off months ago so I should have $600 available and tehy said no your limit is $250?? I was mad and should have stopped using them too. But I kept the card for the past 2 or 3 years and my credit limit was up to $1,500.

I recently had a balance of $298. and change and I went on line on teh due date to pay it online. My options were, Minimum payment, Entire balance or another amount. I said pay the entire balance.

Then a few days later I get a bill for $5.69. I called them beliving it was an error but instead was told that while I did make the paymetn on line on the due date they didnt actually take the funds until 24-48 hours later so I was charged iterest.

I still thought, oh tehy will just waive the interest so as to not lose a customer, but nope she got rude and told me pay my $5.69. I was so livid, never againm, my last time.

to sha Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #676449
I was also stuck in the store without enough credit to pay for my purchases. They treated me like a deadbeat and kept asking if I "paid my bill" ($0 balance on the card at the time) They told me it was "their policy to reduce credit limits when the card has not been used in a while." I told them it was my policy to spend money at a store that cared about its customers and didn't make it a hassle to shop there.

I will never shop at Traget again.

Thanks for sharing your story. 8)
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #675091

I have had a Target Visa for about 10 years. At the start my credit limit was $500.00, what I did, was, I never charged more than I could pay off in a month.

There there was a couple times I charged more, but I always paid at least double the amount required amount.

I have never had any problems with Target National Bank. After having the card for a couple years they raised my limit to $3,000.00.

to anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #675107

It sounds like you had a Target Visa card and I had a Target Redcard that was only good in Target stores. I am glad their Visa is handled better than their Redcard. I never charged more than I could pay off in a month either and often made multiple payments before I even recieved my statement.

to anonymous #675124

Sioux Falls, how many sites a day to you reply to?

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