Horrible customer service experience regarding online purchase and desire to cancel a request for a replacement item.

To keep it simple: This is the worst experience ever and I have had some bad customer service experience in my life. Talked to 4 different representatives about same problem and was so disgusted because of the lack of simple comprehension about what I was saying.

All four representatives told me to be assured the replacement order was cancelled. Well, the item is on a UPS truck to be delivered today. I requested a new credit card replacement from my credit card company because customer service assured me I would not be charged again even though there was a total amount due on the invoice. You see why I asked for a replacement crediy card?

Just making sure these incompetent and lying idiots don't charge me again. Will never do business with them again as the only reason I did this time is because they are the only designated distributor for the item I purchased. It's not I will miss shopping at target as I never was a fan of Target.

This experience has sealed the deal for me along with all of the customer complaints about them. Obviously, Target is a poorly run business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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"Dude, if this is between you and Target, then why the *** did you post a review about it on a public website where people are free to reply and make comments, you retard?"

First of all I am not a dude, I am a lady. Second the people who are posting on my comments are all the same person, everyone including you are replying to your own comments, you are the retard and obviously don't know how to read, I told you to STOP posting on my review, you obviously don't know how to read you otherwise you would not be posting.

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to Anonymous #881170

Honey, I only posted just one comment on your review, the rest are not mine. I AM NOT replying to my own comments.

For your information, I take offense when you said my father abuses me. He never laid a hand on me. My mother is not a addict of any kind. Don't you start making assumptions about someone you've never even met.

How are people supposed to know you're not replying to your own review? That does happen on this website, you know.

to RetailManager Ashland, Virginia, United States #881256

I am replying to my own review you dummy, and even if this is the first time you replied, you replied again to my post after I told you not to. Your parents may not have abused you, but they certainly did not teach you how to read.

I am replying to my own review you dummy, I am replying back to the *** who keeps posting under many different accounts, anonymous, RetailManager, Firstborntriplet ect.

Also why are you posing as a 13 year old, if you are really 13 years old you are no retail manager. That is just sick of you to pose as a 13 year old.


You are not very bright, are you. You have two thumbs down, that means at least two people found your post offensive, you cannot rate someone twice.

But you must have low self esteem to think that the same person finds you childish. You are lying about it being the same person posting, so perhaps you are lying about other things. If it makes you feel better to think that one person made both replies, than do so, but I am not the same person.

By saying this you are lying. If you are lying and saying I am replying to my own post you are probably lying about the incident at Target as well.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #880487

You can rate someone as many times as you want. It is possible for the same person to rate her post twice if they are on two different browsers or if they have an IP address change.


I like how these children think that someone is pretending to respond to their own posts, the person on here is self centered, I wonder if mommy knows she is using her PC in this manner? It must feel better if you think only one person is against your childish attitude, dream on kiddo.

to Anonymous #880484

I am not a child so I don't need mommy to be monitoring me. I am sharing my review and okay the person may not be replying to my review, but you whether it is one person or several people your all idiots and stop replying to my letter you retards, you are just as retarded as those people at Target that I had to deal with.

Stop replying to my review or I will be contact the police since you are cyber bullying me. Losers or one loser replying.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #880486

If she has a credit card I doubt she is a child and OP I read about the same thing happening to someone else either at Target or Walmart. I hope you get things sorted out.


Your review was ruined with your childish name calling, by calling them idiots. It makes you look like you are seven years old.

You call them idiots, but there were instances where you started a new paragraph when it could have been put in one paragraph, there was also an incident where you did not use a capital for Target, you misplaced commas.

Before making calling anyone "***". learn the basic rules of English.

to Anonymous Ashland, Virginia, United States #879892

Who cares? Go away you *** troll and get a life, seriously!

to Anonymous #880071

You don't like me calling you out on your childish behavior than act your age. Keep in mind you are no longer 13 so you can express yourself without childish name calling.

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Remember you are no longer in junior high, calling people names is not the way to get what you want. I have a life, perhaps you need to get one yourself, or improve your life so you don't act childish.

to Anonymous #880072

You have a good point there, but to blame the OP is not right, perhaps their parents did a poor job in teaching them social skills? It is up to a parent to teach their children proper manners and mature behavior when they are young.

Perhaps the parents failed to teach this person manners, then again perhaps they are 13, only a 13 year old would call someone a troll because they were being honest and called them out for their behavior.

to Anonymous Ashland, Virginia, United States #880404

Jesus ***-ing christ! You have no ***-ing life, if you did you would not be pretending to be responding to your own pots you piece of s-hit!

People are not *** and know that it is obviously you anonymous. *** off ***.

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Correction: I'm sorry I meant post, not pots. Have a nice day.

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