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I shopped at Target in May. the nice lady at the counter asked me to sign up for a Target card and save 10%. The bill was $74. I was in a hurry but did it to help the lady as she told me that they were cutting hours and this helped. I thought I was signing up for a debit card. I signed up, paid and left. A few months later my wife asked about me getting a Target credit card, it took us some time to figure out what had happened. She has, well had, she cut it up, a Target debit card and I thought that is what I was getting also. By then it was also a month late. She called figuring she would explain the situation and "knowing Target" they would credit the late fee and we would pay the bill. Ha. Target ain't exactly WalMart. They refused to credit anything and demanded the late fee. She requested a supervisor. There is none. They take your name and tell you a supervisor will call you back within 48 hrs. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't hear it myself today. A month goes by, we forget, we get another bill, now we owe the $74 and $70 (2 X $35) in late fee's and other charges. My wife calls again. Tells them look, i'll just pay the one late fee, you never called, i'm busy I forgot - you know, normal talk to supposedly normal people. Nope, not Target. They demand all the late fee. She asks for a supervisor, guess what. Wait up to 48hrs.

Another month passes, no call, we see the bill again today and she calls, we now owe over $100 in late fee's for a $74 purchase. The customer service person tells us that they had my phone number as wrong (even though my wife was the one calling them) and that once they tried that with no answer, they wouldn't have called the secondary number which was my wife's which is why we were not getting called.

Ok, that is fixed today - 09/15/2015 - the supervisor (Ashley Ramirez) calls tonight. She is like that lady on the Comcast recording that went viral. Any debate ends with , well thanks for taking my call, you owe us the full late payment, if you don't pay minimum payments on the late fee (we already paid the $74 + one late fee earlier today) it will grow. We do not credit late fee's. period. Also, she said the notes said they called and spoke with cardholder in August. I asked who (knowing the rep had clearly told me the wrong number was in there just hours earlier) she said she didn't know, didn't know what was said, but did know if I didn't pay the late fee, well, it will continue to grow. Per Ashley, there is no other resolution, no other manager, no other customer relations NOTHING. She is judge, jury and executioner and either I pay Target the money or it grows period.

Well, I will match Target's resolute stand. I after angrily looking online and realizing there really is no other resolution with Target based on all the comments, I'll pay the extortion money to them - $100 worth of late fee's for a $74 purchase. But, resolutely, as a 43 yr old man, who makes mid six figures, I will NEVER visit a Target again as long as I live. I will go out of my way to knock them in conversations, emails and experiences in general discussion and just like Ashley, I will resolutely drive past them to Wal Mart, Kohls, WalGreens, CVS anyone I can find to avoid setting foot in another one of their stores. I honestly had no idea this could happen in 2015 America in a big box store like Target. Never again - and i'm just as serious as they are on their extortion fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: I saw the real target.

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #1047236

Why do you keep referring to the credit card company as Target? The card is Target branded but the company that runs it is Visa.

It is not Target billing you late fees it is Visa. If you are going to be made at least be mad at the right people.

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