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Wanted to go back to school shopping at Target to get Target Credit Card discounts. Paid my Target Visa card off in full ($0 Balance) via EFT from checking account - payment was cleared instantly and removed from my checking account and appeared on my Target account as a payment.

Went shopping at store 3 days later. Spent $450 and card was denied at register - I have never been denied at a register for insufficient funds. I ended up having to pay with another card and so no discount. I called Target Visa card services and was told large payments need time to clear (even though they had payment and it had cleared my checking account), and should be credited "in a few days".

I checked my account online 3 days later (total 6 days later), and payment was still not credited. Target visa card services again said it should clear in a "few days."

NOW 16 days later, the payment still has not been applied to my available credit. I have since received my next statement and paid it in full (all $16) of it. I did some research online and found Target routinely holds crediting payments for up to 15 days for large payments.

Target visa card services is still saying it will clear in a "few days", "maybe it was 15 business days", and "check in 24 hours". The rep said to avoid this situation pay in cash at customer service in a Target store.

Like I would carry hundreds in cash and trust a minimum wage agent to credit it after this.

This hassle is not worth the 5% savings.

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BTW, they do this to me for small payments of like $25 and $30 for no reason - in FIVE years I have never been late with a payment except only ONCE when I had one single payment returned for insufficient funds...and my credit reports have been stellar perfect for six years. TOTAL *** treatment of the customer.

Can't believe the sneaky three way calling experience with my bank I had to go through one day to get my available credit restored to the proper amount it should be. As customers we shouldn't have to extend such effort!!


I have had to deal with this same B$%#S#$! And the people saying there are many retailers who do this are nuts.

I am over 40 years old and have never experienced this before. It has screwed me several times and the first time was at the register as well. Reeeeeeally messed up. Even AFTER the money has been REMOVED from our bank accounts.

Absolutely NO EXCUSE for that. Even creepier, they will do this sneaky three way calling thing where you can call your bank and ask if it has posted with Target on the other line listening. Target will then immediately credit your Target account's available credit the amount...but why in the *** don't they have access to this in their records to begin with like most credit cards and business credit accounts??? I can't wait to pay off this card and just close the freaking account.

Sick of it. Ridiculously high APR anyway.


And one more thing - If Target would just rehire me, I would stop this nonsense and we could all get back to our lives.


Previously NARC YOU OUT - I have become aware that some cowardly liar has been posting under my screen name, so I shall no longer identify myself as Narc you out as of 9/2/11. From here on out, I will only post as Anonymous and the little thief(s) and liar(s) will be free to move about this site unincumbered.

This ordeal has not changed my opinion of Target; it only has steeled by determination to let everyone know how horrible the Target chain actually is. The only difference is that I will post as Anonymous and no longer as Narc you out.


Just an update:

In all, I ended up waiting 18 days for my direct online payment (not a charge) to clear. I received and payed a second bill (for a whopping $16) from Target in the meantime. I have never had problems with any of my bank accounts, credit cards, or store cards before. I had never heard of payment holds or run into one before (I've had major credit cards and store credit cards for over 15 years, Target for 3) It ended up being quite a surprise. At least I know better now.

I guess I am primarily mad because Target pretty much wouldn't come out and say "The payment will be held for several weeks because you shopped more than usual and therefore made a larger than usual payment." No, I kept getting, "we do not know why" or "it will clear in a few days", etc. I guess they didn't want to admit their policy. I finally got a manager to admit that was the policy after 5 phone calls and 16 days.

Hopefully other people will read this and know why their payment is being held and not get frustrated with the run around.


This is common at many retailers, not just Target. People need to remember that businesses exist to make a profit and policies exist to protect that.

Customer service should be provided to a commensurate degree to attract consumers to a particular business and retain their patronage, but you frankly probably wouldn't believe the number of cases of fraud, theft, ticket-switching, etc., that retailers have to deal with on a daily basis. These policies sometimes interfere with offering the best possible customer service, but unfortunately, it's a reality. You did seem to have to wait an unusually long time, though. Are you sure there wasn't any strange or inconsistent activity in your bank account?

That may send a red flag to the credit services and result in what you described at checkout. Again, this isn't a policy that sets Target aside from other retailers.


This is actually pretty common. They do this for people who make a higher than normal payment to their card, or for really high payments.

This is a method to keep people from "paying off" their card with an empty bank account, then going out and spending the entire credit balance.

Some people do this knowing they don't have any money in their account to get some free stuff and they never intended to pay their bill to begin with. If you want to be upset with anyone, be upset with the fraudsters that made the enact such a policy.


Dear Card Hold - Welcome to this site and thanks for your informative posting. Should you read through the complaints listed herein regarding service at Target, you will find that you are in a growing number of people expressing problems with the store.

Soon many in the public will see the practices of Target, and start dealing with more reputable dealers.

Maybee Target will reinvest in training their people about customer service and satisfaction. Again, thanks for taking your time to warn everyone.

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