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I have a Target Credit Card with a limit of $4500, I use it for business expenses and travel. It's been opened for about 3 years, always paid on time, and balance always goes back to $0 every month.

For the first time, I paid a balance of $3000, a few days later it processed and posted from my bank and Target verified they received, HOWEVER, they did not release the credit. I'm traveling in Brazil and can't use my card!!! I call and they tell me that they have to verify that my bank has released the funds and want to do a three way conference call. I don't feel comfortable doing this as I have a secret password to give to my bank over the phone.

The agent "Tom" on the line, would not budge on this *** policy!! I have history of paying over $3000 a month, yet for some reason this month, this payment needs to be verified. I offered to give him the ACH transaction number, but no avail. After going around and around, I asked to close my account.


Lost an EXCELLENT customer, paid on time every month, large international fees, never a balance, but no more. F'u Target Credit Card center...burn in ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $4700.

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They did not lose an excellent customer, they lost an adult who whines like an eight year old when he does not get what he wants.


The same thing just happened to me this month!!! While I don't make a high payment like you I have never been late and this month I made a 1000 dollar payment and they still haven't released the credit to me.

They wanted to do exactly what they did to you; verify the transaction with my bank account first, which I was not comfortable with either. I complained several times on the phone and now when i call they hang up on me!!! I sent emails and I got a passive response asking for the same thing.

BBB here I come I guess, I'm going to trash this company, what an asinine business practice there running. There doing it so people will only pay the minimum balance so they can collect more finance charges; that's the only reason I can see them doing this.

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