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I went to the target store & picked up (4) GE lightbulbs with (4) manufacturers coupons..the manager would only accept (1) coupon per purchase even though that is NOT stated on the coupon. He was extremely rude & difficult to deal with..

I'll be passing this on to family & friends..they will lose ALOT of business.. I have several receipts in hand proving that I bought (4) of the same product by using(4) manufacturer coupons..

all that I wanted the manager to do is to be consistent so the consumers know what to expect. The coupon policy states one thing & the rude store manager does whatever he feels like on any given day

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Coupon policies not only change, but vary depending on store and which coupon it is.

The manufacture can change his coupons at will.

Being told no is not the end of the world.


You must be nine years old to mistake being told no as rudeness. Your parents need to be charged with child abandonment because in most states it is illegal for them to allow a child your age to shop alone.

Yeah we all heard it before I will tell all my family and friends, sure you must really be nine if you think that you have the power to shut down a store because you are telling your family and friends about your experience. Even if all of them agree to stop shopping there you won't shut this store down.


Haha... You don't get to make up your own rules! I'm sure they will be fine without you and your trailer park friends!

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #823857

This is the policy at most major retailers...and why would your family and friends quit shopping at Target just because you told them to? Target won't lose any money.

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