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I recieved a Target Red Card exclusive coupon that states exactly as followed "50% off Nook HD or HD+accessory". I was suprised at this awesome deal and went to target to pick up a Nook HD but when I got there I was told it was for a Nook HD accessory or HD+ accessory.

So I was extremely disappointed and contacted the corporate number to speak with someone and to file a complaint to see if I could atleast recieve some kind of compensation for the coupon being misleading and bringing me to a let down. They did nothing but apologize to me repeatedly and also let me know that they have RECIEVED OTHER COMPLAINTS about this coupon and then continued to say that they can do nothing but file the complaint with the coupon department, they offered me nothing, made no atempt at caring about the fact that if I wasnt compensated in some way that I would never shop there again.

All around false *** just to get you into their store. Walmart wouldve atleast offered me 10% because they accept when they make mistakes in situations like this.

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I also misinterpreted the coupon. But I understand that a coupon is not a legal document, and often can be poorly worded.

The original poster would have best dealt with it by negotiating for some form of lesser discount.

I deal in information management and a better coupon layout would have the word 'accessory' on a separate line and enlarged for clarity.

They also could have started with 'accessory', as 'accessory for NOOK HD or NOOK HD+'. Either of those would have been less ambiguous.


What good is revenge going to do for you?

Now that you have had this experience at Target, and read the reports of the other people who have had the same experience, you need to realize that you shouldn't shop at that store.

Tell everyone what happened to you. By telling everyone your story you won't be getting revenge, you will be doing a service to your family.


I had the same experience last night. I called corporate and was told that they were sorry for the confusing language on the add. I told them it was not confusing at all and needed to know if they were not going to honor their own add. They said that was correct. I spend a lot of cash in there every year.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.


I don't see the confusion. If the coupon stated "50% off an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 accessory", would you think you could get 50% off an Xbox 360?

You don't deserve any compensation for your own inability to read and the fact that you think you do is laughable.


I am pretty sure their coupon is stated very clearly...I understood it no problem.

it didnt say 50% of a NookHD or Nook HD+

it did say accessory, considering that those are 2 separate models...

If it's too good to be probably is.


At least you got an apology.

A lot of us got put down and embarrassed by the store clerks and their corporate people because they don't give one iota of care for their customers.

Wal-Mart may not be an upscale discount store, but they don't mistreat customers like Target does. Beware of Target.


LOL thought the same thing!

to Alex #586857

I agree with the other statements!!! I also found the coupon in my cc statement and actually thought they were giving a "superb deal" to their valued customer.

I too went in the store and had some less than apologetic kid state what another customer told him. I told him I can give 2 f#cks about that, I wanted to deal with the misleading coupon. Considering my "treatment" and considering ALL the money I spend there, I've seriously rethought about shopping there. Walmart's ghetto but Id admit they dish better service than the kids I talked to at Target.

The girl told me they didn't honor the coupon another website states differently.

So if so many people "misread" it they should of just honored their customers instead of "HASSLING" by their "kid employees" !! Walmart heres my money

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