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Had a target would not scan for some reason..manager said if the coupons won't scan we can't give the discount..what it was there coupon it did not expire and l bought the coupon was only one *** coupon they were so rude to me . I left the store and went to WalMart bought the same item and it was $3.00 less than Targets price and used no coupon. I will never shop there again!.
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MakeMyDay2016 From your lack of proper grammar, as well as your mistaking being told no as "rude", it is quite obvious that you are a child., That being said it is not up to you where you s...

I received a $10 coupon from Target to be used on merchandise. I purchased a 6 pack of Boost for a patient in the hospital. TUrn out he couldn't have Boost. I tried to teturn it to Target and had merchandise to use for an exchange on the amount. The guy at customer service said no, I lose the coupon amount. This is rediculous as the time passed between visits was 3 hrs apart. Don't sent me anymore coupons, I'm not going to be a target...
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HORRIBLE. I prefer to drive 45 minutes to a friendlier Target IF I even go!! Kay the $%*# at Hammock Landings refused a valid coupon because the system rejected it with their update. Two were used per instruction..
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Target I am very sorry if you have had a poor experience with your shopping. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about this further. Would you mind giving me and up...


smashedupface Do your parents know you are on her making posts. I know that you are a child because only a child would result to immature name calling. You are blaming the cashier for som...

Target Coupon Review

Target sales person lied and said I had 30 days to bring a coupon in for $400 TV. Instead when I showed up 7 days later they said they had changed their policy to only allow 2 days. $50 I could have used.
I shopped at Target in Coon Rapids, MN on Main St. today and I used the self checkout with coupons. The guy watching over the self checkout called a manager over while pointing his finger at me like I did something wrong all because I was using coupons and doing two seperate transaction with different items. The manager then proceed to stand next to me while I was checking out like I was stealing, mind you my coupons were for the right items and...
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Anonymous You need to read corporate policy. They can refuse coupons {which they don't} but you are only allowed to do one transaction per day. Maybe that's why they were watching you

First Born Triplet

First Born Triplet You should have asked him to cancel everything and left the store without buying anything. You should have given him the finger or told him verbally to fudge off before leavi...

I will never shop at Target again. I was told i can only use one coupons at a time per transaction .It will take 30 minute to buy 4 items. When i called corporate, the manager Leon lied to corporate customer service and said they refuse the coupon because i was buying to much (6 items) but he allowed me to buy them with my RED card. So its not a inventory issue it is a coupon issue. Target store in Lutz, floida will not follow their own policy...
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He said he couldn't do one. I said, "No, I'm sticking on this one. The item is pictured on the coupon. It's not expired." He slammed the coupon into the drawer, slammed the keyboard, and angrily said "whatever!" and walked off. The other employee gave me my receipt. The $3 from the disputed coupon is not on the receipt. Target doesn't have what it advertises, won't honor the deals it prints, won't take manufacturers coupons, and the staff is...
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I didn't like
  • False advertising
  • Rude staff
Worse experience ever at Target in Frederick Maryland. They refused to allow me to use 3 coupons because I used 3 coupons yesterday for the same item. Manager said I could return the items. Never in my life have I had to deal with such a horrible store and manager! Thought I was recording with my phone so had security escort me out. TARGET IS AWFUL!.
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Anonymous I have a feeling that we are not getting the entire story.
There are 3 sides to every story... the complainers side, Target's side, and the truth which is somewhere in the ...


Anonymous Oh I would have used the three coupons the day before but I accidentally left them at home. I had six in total and the manager's excuse for not using the three that I had lef...

I shop at Fayetteville Target and I have to tell you that I spend a lot of time cutting coupons to save money. I was attacked by 2 supervisors because they knew I was using coupons. So embarrassed and will not be going to their store again to shop
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Anonymous How were you attacked?

I shop at target all the time and I prefer shopping at target other than Walmart or other retail grocery stores. I had went to the target in Fort Worth Texas and the employee who had rang me was so rude she had a bad attitude and I guess some of the items I got didn't qualify for the target category coupon so I went to go grab something else and then I had used a few manufacture coupons and she took my coupons and made me pull out each item for...
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Anonymous Oh cmon... You're mad because she did her job and didn't give you freebies!

Last weeks ad included this item for $59.99 and an additional 20% off with the promo code TOYS. The first day of the sale them item was sold out in stores and online. I called the toll free customer service number to see when they would be back in stock. The representative (Louis) told me he didn't know but all I had to do was call back when they are in stock and I can purchase it for the sale price. Miraculously, the next morning after the...
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