I bought a Venus Gilette embrace razor for $5.99 and I have a target coupon of FREE Gilette Satin Care shave gel with purchase of any 1-ct. Gilette Venus razor..

when they were scanning my FREE target coupon the register beeps and the cashier called the manager and the manager won't accept my coupon.. She said that she can't accept the coupon. I told and showed her I have the Venus Gillette razor and she still said no. I clip all those coupons for nothing?

I love target deals. this is the first time that happened to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Houston, Texas, United States #933370

So unprofessional Im guessing they don't believe in the saying the customer is always right

to cynthiarosas Orange, California, United States #933440

I am guessing because you post negative comments on Target reviews that you were arrested for shoplifting Barbie dolls and that they called mommy and daddy despite the fact that you begged them not to, and you got grounded so you have a huge grudge against them. That statement is outdated now that people are using that belief to scam companies.

As for the person posting this complaint, she needs mommy shopping with her telling her why that coupon was not accepted.

The item she is displaying does not match the rules on the coupons. If the OP knew how to read, or had a parent shopping with her she would understand why the coupon was not accepted.

to KevinRichards #937126

I work retail myself and even I don't believe the customer is always right. Not to mention that retail companies in general are realizing "the customer is always right" is a bad way to do business.

to cynthiarosas #934519

You obviously never worked in retail. Must be nice.

to Lexie Orange, California, United States #934732

Nope she has not,if you click on her profile you will see that apparently she was caught shoplifting at Target, then she claimed the LP roughed her up. She posted "pictures" but even a mentally retarded person could tell that it is just a terrible make up job she is disguising as bruises, then the arresting LP came and told the rest of the story and it turns out that cynthia is not telling the truth, then again Cynthia and the LP could be the same person trolling.

to cynthiarosas Orange, California, United States #934738

When a customer shoplifts they are thieves and no longer considered customers. Shoplifting is NOT right.


Wow. You should've been able to get that if it matched up properly and the coupon wasn't expired or anything. That's BS

to Shayna Orange, California, United States #933442

Read it carefully, and look at the product this six year old is trying to get for free.

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