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This site has asked me for an update on my complaint. It took forever for Target to send me the sheets.

I do not remember exactly when got them but it took weeks. I have heard nothing from Target except an attempt by them to have someone come on as a ghost and discredit me. When I checked them and let them know I suspected they were a Target employee; suddenly their comment and my response disappeared. I never did get pillow cases until a few days ago and I got them in the retail store here in Roswell, NM where again I will mention how nice the staff in this store is.

When I went to get the pillow cases (I bought 3 packs) I wiped them out, all they had were three packs of pillow cases. Still no flat sheets on the shelf anywhere so I suspect that they still haven't restocked the store in a month. However, the store had three shelves over flowing with fitted sheets;so many I could not count them. This is only more proof of what I have been saying all along and that Target's method of doing business is retarded.

In this economy, if a store wants to survive they have got to provide service and stock their shelves with the items they carry, and in this case Target deliberately refuses to provide either. If I owned their stock I certainly would be dumbing it before they go into bankruptcy.

Original review posted by user Jul 24, 2013

1st of all, let me state that the employees in the Roswell New Mexico store have been the most polite, professional, and helpful people I have encountered in any store in New Mexico. The problem is target corporate and

I am disabled and my waterbed sprung a leak. My sheets are to the point if I wash them again they will fall apart. I knew when I took the bed apart that I would need new sheets. I have gone everywhere and nobody sells sheet sets with 2 flat sheets and yet no waterbed will hold a fitted sheet.

Anybody that owns waterbed knows this. In my long searching for sheets, an employee in another store told me to try target. Sure enough target sells flat sheets individually. The store had one sheet.

Let me say again that the employees made every effort to help. Again, the problem is target corporate and Target corporate does not allow the store to order when they are out. It is all done from target corporate and basically the *** that runs this allows the corporate buyer to send replacements to the stores when they feel like.

The manager in the store cannot even call up and order an item when a customer needs it. In this particular case, I was informed, that corporate sends them 3 sheets at a time. When I got there, there was one sheet and I bought it, so the store had no sheets. They were able to tell me the last time corporate send them the sheets and it was a week earlier.

I bought the last sheet 5 days ago, and to this day nobody can even tell me if more are being sent to the store and corporate is not even allow the manager to call up to have some sent because a customer is waiting for them. So because of this, I was advised to order the other remaining 3 sheets I wanted online. The employees directed me to the order center for I had one manager and as many as 2 other employees attempting to help me make my order.

There were technical problems and could not put the order through and the sheets were advertised at $16.71 each. There was no mention they were on sale or that this was the last day to buy them at this price. We had spent close to an hour trying to order the sheets to no avail do to technical problems from I had somewhere else to be, so we abandon it and the employees gave me the information so I could attempt to do it at home.

When I got home and tried to do it and I put in the reference number for the sheets and they would not come up. When I called and told them the problem it took them 10 min. to discover that you had put some dashes in the numbers in order for it to work. Because of it being the weekend and a few days gone by now, the sheets will not be delivered on time for me to be able put my bed back together when I get my mattress. is refusing to have them sent to me at their cost as they should on an expedited shipping cost so I would get them in time. Had the order gone through when I 1st tried to do it standard shipping would have easily had been to me on time. It is their technical problems and their fault that expedited shipping is needed for me to get the sheets on time so I can get my bed back when I get my new mattress delivered (I had to order a new mattress, I could not find the leak). They absolutely refuse to take care of it.

Of course the other alternative would be for the corporate office to contact the corporate buyer and have them make sure that the sheets are on tomorrows truck so I have them in time and can pick them up in the store. But they absolutely brief use to do so. This is outright blatant, excuse the French, but the only way for me to know to describe it, is to say total assininest on corporate's part. In my dealings with target corporate and I have never seen such cockiness, refusal to cooperate and help the customer, thoughtlessness, lack of consideration and pigheadedness from high-level people in any Corporation.

It is absolutely no wonder why when I got on this site I see one complaint after another about I now understand why they offer a 5% discount on their credit card and free shipping to customers that order on My only wonder in all of this is where is the government stepping in and forcing these people, if you can call them people in corporate, to conduct business in an ethical, honest fashion. I see complaint after complaint after complaint of people being cheated, frauded, and screwed out of their hard-earned money.

It's a real shame when a group of good people try to run a decent honest store and are kicked in the face by such a group of crooks, thieves, dishonest and totally unethical people that run the company. My only suggestion is to completely stay away from target and shop elsewhere. I thought Walmart was bad but target has written a whole new chapter on how not to conduct a business. It is obvious by all the other complaints that the people that run target could absolutely care less on what their customers think.

The only way to get a message across to such conceded, pigheaded, dishonest, inhumane business thieves is to hit them in the pocketbook and the only way to do that is to completely boycott target.

If nobody buys from them these inhuman, thoughtless, unethical jerks running target, they will no longer have their gravy train and in fact end up in bankruptcy court. And the way I see it, we as consumers, have a responsibility to send businesses like this down the road and the only way to do it is to stop buying from them.

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Plains, Pennsylvania, United States #705134

I agree with the other posters, no discrimination here. Did they say " HEY GEORGE!

DON'T HELP THAT CRIPPY!" No, i don't believe so. I know we are techniologically advanced in this world, but i can not see a way that the "internets" would know you have a disablility ... unless you were wacking off on a webcam .. then maybe.

But i digress, poor stocking on their behalf? Sure! Discriminating and HARMING you ? no friggin way.

PS : i typed "fitted sheets" in to amazon and WOW, TONS of choices , ALL delivered to your home, how about that! Ya know, since you were ordering online and all.

to DrGonzo888 Plains, Pennsylvania, United States #705142

Correction, FLAT sheets in amazon. I apologize and do not want to add fodder to any blasting from the OP that may occur.

to DrGonzo888 Roswell, New Mexico, United States #705216

DrGonzo888, you showed your true colors in your vulger comment about wacking off. Ever heard the phrase "don't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes" Obviously, you have never been disabled because only some ignorant *** would carry your attitude I do not wish a disability on you, so you may never learn but if you ever do become disabled, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Yeah, everyone out there sells single flat sheets but at outrageous ripoff prices, and if you ever did become disabled the first lesson you'd learn is that you are expected to survive on a severe below poverty income and sheets at 70-80 bucks a pop is no more within reach than raising your hand up and stabbing a rock off the moon's surface. You have so much to learn my pathetically ignorannt friend.


How are they discriminating and abusing a disabled person? It is just an issue with the dang corporate people not having enough sense to keep their stores stocked with sheets.

to Anonymous Roswell, New Mexico, United States #696918

Anonymous, obviously you have no idea what problems disabilities create for people. I mentioned the disabilities because their inconsiderate, pompous attitude and refusal to do their jobs magnified the consequences to me in multiple amounts.

Having bad knees, back, neck and shoulders and being forced to sleep in a chair for weeks just because some high salaried thoughtless back end refused to pick up the phone is beyond inexcusableness.

If you fail to see that, then I suggest you start working for those inconsiderate morons in Target Corporate; you'll feel right at home.


Not their fault you waited till your sheets wore out to buy new ones. Retail stores all over have a computerized ordering system.

When they sell down to a certain point, more are automatically ordered. NO human involvement required. Give it time and the sheets will arrive.

Target isn't the only store that sells non fitted sheets. Go somewhere else if you need them sooner.

to What 111 Roswell, New Mexico, United States #688335

What 111:

Obviously you cannot read or comprehend. Let me spell it out for you.

Water bed sprung a leak. Had to order new mattress and sheets. Target's store under stocked and does not restock as it should and idiots running company neither care or give a *** about customers.

Not my fault no one has enough insight to sell sheet sets with two flat sheets. Now if taking the human element out of doing business is fine with you, you are not only contributing to but are a part of the problem of preventing the human element form advancing past the omeba.

to papaouiee #690253

Dude, he has nothing to do with corporate operations. He is simply stating the way things are.

If you think you can do a better job and revolutionize corporate processing, why don't you get involved and become the next Target COO? Sets with two flat sheets are not widely sold because they are simply not profitable.

Furthermore, this has absolutely nothing to do with whatever disability you have, nor is there any abuse involved. While you are quick to point fingers and make accusations, you fail to see that you are part of the multitude of problems this country faces: people who expect special treatment and exceptions, and who blow whistles simply because they can.

to BSAlert Roswell, New Mexico, United States #690343

BS, at least you know what you are full of. I am not expecting special treatment because I'm disabled, just normal customer service that any customer would expect; I just mentioned my disability situation to show good reason why Target is so wrong in their attitude of not caring a bit about the customer.

Irresponsible business practices have consequences that spread far and wide seriously affecting people's lives; thus the reason for not doing certain self destructing unethical acts. Things have even gotten worse since I posted. The *** buyer at Corporate still has not restocked the store with the sheets. The store has been completely out of them for 10 days now and still no sign of them coming in.

When I ordered in line I was told I'd receive them between Friday July 25 and Wednesday July 31. Now I'm told they will be delivered at the earliest on Friday August 2; over 2 weeks to get them delivered and the distance from the point of delivery to me is less than 1000 miles. Anyone who tries to defend these business geniuses from Target Corporate has either the IQ of their shoe size or is from Target Corporate trying to discredit me and my experience with their terrible company.

Speaking of that, they tried it once already and when I called the person that pulled the stunt from corporate, they immediately pulled their comment and had my reply pulled too. So there is definitely some funny business going on in the inside of this site too.

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