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I went into the Target electronics department to buy a flatscreen television. I have an app on my iPhone that allows me to price check the same item based on the manufacturer\'s UPC.

I found the item at Sam\'s Club for $30 less and was told by the associate that I could get a price match if I got proof of the other retailers price. I bought the TV and planned to go to Sam\'s club the next day (which I did) and get the necessary proof for the price match guarantee. When I returned to the store, I was told that I they do not price match for discount retailers such as CostCo or Sam\'s Club. I was never told this, and would have just gone to Sam\'s Club to purchase the TV if I had been told from the beginning.

Manager was rude, she didn\'t care and was only concerned with moving on.

No respect for customer service. Feel like I was conned into buying the TV at their price.

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Your an *** for buying the item first before getting proof of the price match!! you should get all the info you need before you go to purchase the item... also we can only price match weekly AD for ad..

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #209662

This person can't go to Sam's club because it is too far for him to walk. His parents probably only want him walking up to a certain distance unsupervised.


Why did you not just go to Sam's Club in the first place? If you had to make the trip for the $30 dollar difference (which in my opinion is not worth it, as time is money my friend) just get it where you are SURE it is going to be the better price. My guess is you had a Target credit card and were spending out of your means in the first place.


Right triple confirm so your not deceived by the company. I am with you Target has some really poor costumer service. It will catch up with them soon!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #209252

They expected you to use common sence and know that it excludes membership. Why did your parents not explain this to you.

Surely you are between 7-9 not to understand this.

Also why not buy the it at Sam's Club. Just wanted to seem big and push people around right?


The ad-match policy is posted on the website, and available in the store as well. It clearly excludes membership clubs and it must also be an advertised sale item, there's other exclusions as well. If you're going to use a promotion, make sure you actually qualify for it first.

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