Target cust service, who I called by phone said the order I made online 2-3 weeks prior was completed but sent in 2 separate shipments, but the computer system did not include the gift message that I included in the order when they were sent. Therefore, the gift donee got the orders but had no idea who sent them.

Target did not inform me of this computer snafu so I did not know that this even happened. I had to call Target to get this info.

It then made sense to me why I never got a thank you from the donee. This is unacceptable service!

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I got the same problem what do I do now, I want my gift message I was supposed to receive.

Arlington, Virginia, United States #739927

Target is the worst!

I hope they at least made restitution to you.

Target has Terrible customer service.


This is a case of target fail!! Target doesn't care at all. They got your money and you GOT nothing###


First World Problem

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #739578

Hey, it's the thought that counts not the credit!

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