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I really Hate that this is in Spanish or any other language than English!!

If I go abroad, EVERYTHING is in the native language. It's bad enough that the ingredients on things and the road signs and other Govt things are in Spanish, but TARGET?!!

Please support what our troops are fighting for! I know you stand up for other moral issues that I may or may not agree with. Which then stopped the Salvation Army Christmas Bell Ringers at your doors. But this is support of our country!


I won't shop at Wal-Mart because of MANY, many reasons, but this ONE may now steer me away from my loved Target.

PLEASE support our country!! USA!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I agree, we live in America, not Mexico, or any other spanish speaking country. I grew up in Panama and they never changed their commercials to suit us.

We had a military station that showed tv. We would never go to another country and expect them to show english commercials, so why should do we cater to them???


I agree poor taste by target I stopped shopping there


Couldn't agree more!!! GRRRRR!!!!


This is America! Stop Spanish commercials.

Its bad enough that they hire people that don't speak english and can not communicate to to customers. HOW dare you!!!!!!

Columbia, Missouri, United States #1156966

The issue is not that Target made a commercial in Spanish to air in the United States. The issue is that the commercial needs subtitled so everyone else.....the vast majority of which.....speak English in a nation which has always been an English speaking nation can know what is being advertised.

When my great-grandparents got off the boat to join this great nation, they were not met by a society which included everything in Swedish and German just so my great-grandparents could feel included. I'm not sure why the rules are different for Spanish.


Again in 2016 there's an insulting TV commercial in Spanish.

Save it for Telemundo and other Spanish channels. This is

the USofA where we speak English.

Target is off my

shopping list. CB

Bluffton, South Carolina, United States #934419

Tonight I just heard a commercial in spanish. I am extremely disappointed we are in America where the first language is English.

Target you failed the Canadians are you attempting to fail the Americans?

American dollars got you where the company is.

to bullseye shopper Orange, California, United States #934739

Hey these illegals should move back home, problem solved, don't blame Target because the government is not taking any actions, perhaps once they find out how many of these illegal immigrants are on WIC, EBT they will take action.


bad marketing decision. Especially since they try to say they are higher class then WALMART. They are trying to get the lower levels to shop at TARGET

to Anonymous #720801

@ anonymous

I agree!

to Anonymous Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #720969

I agree too, Anonymous.

BUT if you're going to argue about anyone learning our language, please practice what you preach.

You said, "Especially since they try to say they are higher class 'THEN' WALMART". Then Walmart what? I don't think that's the thought you were trying to convey in that sentence.

I believe the word you wanted is "than". Did you mean, "Especially since they try to say they are higher class 'THAN' WALMART"?

Since it is our beautiful English language we are insisting they learn to master, we need to make sure we use it correctly when trying to defend our positions on it. I certainly agree with you! Speak English when you're in America. It is the primary language of our country.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #719645

Must I point out that America has no official language? Also that English isn't America's native language?

to Anonymous #719763

Must I point out that you are a ***? You must me one of those liberal idiots.

to Cody #1153478

I tototally agree with this comment. I'm Mexican American and this commercial royally pissed me off.

English is the language of America. And no we are not saying you aren't allowed to speak Spanish in America...but you shouldn't expect the population who is mostly English speaking to understand it.

This isn't univision or the other Mexican would be just as annoying for an English speaking commercial to be aired in Russia. Or a only Chinese speaking commercial to be aired here.


I agree speak English of GTFO out of America goddam.n it!

Ashland, Oregon, United States #715083

you sound like a racist piece of filth that I don't want on my target store! good roddance. I am proud to work for sich a diverse.

to Heather #715177

You're a m oron! You must be a commie liberal.

to Heather #717454

@ Heather

You are a m.oron!


OMG the comments are so f ucking ***! I agree with the original poster!

This is America, learn the god *** language or get the f uck out! America = English! If I went to another country, there is nobody that caters to me if I only speak English. Motherf ucking liberal f aggots are ruining this country!

Close the borders now!.... PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

to Pete #713544

I agree speak English b itches or get the f uck outta here!

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