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I usually love online shopping but this was the worst online/customer experience ever! My friend had her wedding registry online. So I order one of the items that is "in stock" online because the physical store didn't have it, 4 weeks before the wedding.

I figured it would totally get there on time. Boy was I wrong. I started to receive "There's a delay on your order" emails 1 day after I ordered, then another 7 days later.

I called them 10 days after I ordered to ask what's up with this. I talked to a man first, he told me "We've been having problems with our orders." I (being an understandable person) said "Oh, okay. I really need this to get to their house buy this date though. It said it was in stock online."

He said that the item was "stuck" somewhere and that he could cancel it and order another one and give me premium shipping to make it move faster. I said "that's great!" Then hung up and waited for the other order email to come through. As soon as I get that, I see it says it's shipping to me.

I specifically told him that he needed to ship it to their address. So, I call them again. This time I get a lady. I asked her why the order was shipping to me after telling the guy to ship it to their address. She said it said that it was shipping to me but it was really shipping to them (at this point I'm like "Omg what the heck did I get myself into?").

Then I asked her to make sure that the first order was canceled because I don't need to send two (I can't afford it). She put me on hold for a while then came back saying that it was indeed canceled. So, now I'm thinking this might work out after all. Hahahaha!

16 days after the first order has been placed, I get 2 more "There's a delay on your order" emails. Wait, I thought the first one was canceled. Why would they be sending me status update emails? And wasn't the new one with premium shipping? Shouldn't that have shipped off now? So, I call them again, this time I'm really irritated.

I get another lady on the phone. Tell her that I am severely irritated with this situation, and told her the whole story above. All she has to say for herself is that "I'm sorry ma'am." I tell her that I want her to find out why in the heck it is taking soo freaking long to ship this order and I want to confirm, again, that the first order is canceled.

She comes back saying that the first order is not canceled and is "released" along with the second order being "released" from the manufacturer as well. And it's shipping from the manufacturer, that's why there is delays. Then I told her "Oh, that's just great! I've been lied to by 2 of your coworkers, saying that it's been canceled and that the premium shipping order would ship out in 2 days. What am I supposed to do now?!" All she said is "I'm sorry ma'am."

You know what! If you were truly sorry, you wouldn't of done this in the first place! I am spreading the word to all my family, friends and random people, to never shop at your sorry excuse for an online store ever! Time will tell if I or my friend even get the items, I guess.

If you don't physically have the items, don't put them online and say they're in stock! Or at least have the common decency to tell me you don't have them, so I can get a different item in store, I would have been fine with that!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #700061

I ordered my daughter's school backpack on 8/6/13 and on 8/13/13 I received my package with a different, lower priced backpack. I called 2 times to see if you could ship the correct item and both customer service reps were unhelpful.

They advised me that I need to purchase the backpack again and wait another week for it to arrive. I shouldn't have to reorder an item just because there was a warehouse error. The backpack is sold online only, and now my daughter is starting school this week without a backpack. They advised me one alternative was to ship the incorrect backpack and when it arrives they would ship the correct one.

Again, I shouldn't have to wait 2 more weeks for the two way shipping process of exchange it online just because of a warehouse error. My last alternative, according to the reps, was to just return the incorrect backpack to the store, which would make me have to wait 2-3 days to get a refund posted to my account because of nacha regulations. Also, the backpack I received doesn't match the one in the receipt anyway. When I explained this, the rep said I could just get a gift card, but what good is a gift card if that means I would still have to reorder online and wait another week for shipping.

And, besides having to wait another week for the new order to arrive, I would have to shell out money out of pocket to pay for the new order while I wait for my refund to be posted to my account.

So, basically, my daughter will start school without a backpack, and I will have to wait at least 2-3 days to get my refund and then go buy a different backpack at another store, and we will have to settle for that when the only backpack she really wanted was the one on your website. I'm very disappointed with you customer service, plenty of other retailers such as Amazon and Macy's, for example, would have accepted responsibility and issued a replacement with expedited shipping.


Yesterday I ordered an item which during the check out, the process stated that the item should arrive between Wed-Fri so I thought ok. Should be alright since I need the item on Sat. Then an hour later I got an email saying that the item is going to be delay and arrive between Fri.-Mon. So now the item can be in late so I want to cancel. Once called their customer service, they said you can only cancel within the first 30 mins when the order was issued!!! Then I talked to supervisor who told me that it cannot be cancel because the item is already processing and getting to the delivery company so I end the call.

Now this morning, I got an email saying the item will arrive 10-13 days later!!! So that supervisor from yesterday was plainly lying and now I'm just very mad at Target online system. I called them again and the new person say she can try to cancel the order but I will get email confirmation about the cancel between 3-5 days. I let her try the cancel but this system is just ridiculous.

I won't ever order anything from again and probably stop going to any Target store ever again as well.


Red - I didn't have a problem on-line but my instore problem was enough to teach me to never deal with this company again if it is at all within my power. I have never been treated so badly as I was at Target.

Their customer services main skill is to speak down to customers and mock your problems. I called their corporate offices only to receive the same type of treatment. Even when they have caused the problem, they humiliate you for bringing it to their attention.

I hope you will join me in boycotting this store. Target will sooner or later learn that even giants can be brought down, as evidenced by many stores who went bankrupt before them.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #383295

Worst customer service I have ever received. Exchanged 16 emails and made 2 phone calls tryng to get help.

The 800 # is located in the Philippines and representatives speak broken English, very hard to understand. is no better. Neither the email or phone people have any authority to actually help. They have a script that they all stick to.

The names they use appear to be fake American names so you won't know they are operating out of another country. You cannot cancel an order even though it has not shipped. They say the item you want is in stock, then your is delayed numerous times, so you know it is false advertising. They could care less if they help you or if you are a dissatisfied customer.

Was told by a Target store employee, that the Target stores and Target online are 2 different companies. I have never had a problem in a Target store, but I will never, ever shop at again!


I just ordered a fireplace/tv stand. It took us a couple hours to assemble it & in the end, we realized there was no remote for the fireplace.

After being put on hold for long periods of time, we were told we needed to return the entire unit (disassemblying it 1st)and return it. Then they would give us a new one. Just for a remote control. As our luck has it, we just recycled the box 1st thing this morning.

I hate Target online. If I get told one more time how much they appreciate my calling, I will scream!!!!!


Best to stick to an online company that does a good job and knows how to have good customer service-----------like

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