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On June 28th I placed an order (order number 602-8924976-3429808) for two cottage style end tables from When I placed the order I was promised delivery between July 6 and July 8th.

On July 11th I had not received my order and when I tracked my shipment online it said it was "shipping soon". I called customer service on the 11th and was told that it would ship by the end of the day. On July 12th when I checked the status it still said "shipping soon". I called again and spoke to Jodian.

She told me that there was a problem with the warehouse. She told me that she would contact the warehouse and call me back with a follow up. On July 19th I hadn't received a follow up phone call or email. I called again and was told that my order was "stuck in the system".

This time I spoke with Joseph S. He told me that there wasn't anything they could do. He could not provide me with a contact number for the warehouse and when asked to speak with a supervisor I was placed on hold for 10 minutes until he said that his supervisor was busy on another line. I tried to get a straight answer from him on how this issue was being handled but got the run around.

He could not provide an answer to who was taking care of this issue or when my order would be shipped out. I called again on July 25th to get my money refunded since the items still hadn't been shipped. I was told that they could not refund my money because the items were getting ready to be shipped. I was told that once I got the items I could send them back for a full refund.

However, the first customer service person (Alfred) nor the supervisor that I spoke with (Gem Y.) could tell me when the items would be shipped. How am I supposed to send the items back for a refund if I never get them?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Delivery Service.

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - I am advising everyone on this Target complaint site that I have just been alerted that some little cowardly thief has commandeered my screen name and is posting lies about my position about the Target chain of stores. I shall no longer use the screen name of Narc you out as of 9/2/11.

The thief(s) and liar(s) can try and figure out which postings are mine while they throw out their insignificant insults to me and everyone else that posts to the Target complaint site of Let them deal with their own creation of confusion.

It is the same treatment as one would receive from Target. Makes one wonder about Target's apologists.....


I certainly understand your complaint. You are just another customer that Target doesn't care about.

I believe if we complain enough on sites such as this and complain to everyone we know, sooner or later Target will understand that we are not in the consumer market with spending dollars to be ignored or mistreated. All we ask for is decent treatment and not excuses. Thanks for the listing and if you are able, please continue telling and posing your complaints.

When they start feeling lapses in their bottom line, perhaps they will treat their customers with more concern. Congratulations on that August baby!


Sorry for the typos - typed my comment quickly!

:( I, too, am having the same problem. I ordered a glider on June 16th, yet never received it.

First, it was supposed to be shipped by June 27th. Then they updated it to Junly 4th, but never updated it and I still never received it or any updates. My husband and I have recahed out to Target about 6 times and it's the same run around they gave you, "it's stuck in the system". This is unreal.

I am due with my first child August 23rd (could go any day) and expected to have this glider by now.

Target seems to have no care nor concern for their customers!!! It disgusts me!

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