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Purchased a $200 plus entertainment system that was supposed to have been shipped in days. Three weeks later and I am still waiting.

The worst part about it is i can never get any answers from their customer service agents who for 10 days now have been telling me, "we are looking into it". No one ever calls me back or emails me with a status update.

Hard to imagine every buying from them again.

I would welcome some kind of response from them, yet I feel i should not have to constantly chase after them to explain what happened. All i want is the product i ordered. In the time frame it was promised to be delivered in!!!

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Just purchased a Mcullough Steam Cleaner that arrived today. The side of the box was ripped, one of the two flaps was torn off completely and the entire box was taped and re-taped with after market clear tape.

Waited 15 minutes to talk to an inept "associate", who wasn't interested and then spent another 30 minutes waiting to speak to a girl from the Caribbean who barely spoke English who was also not helpful.

She was even trying to get us to pay to ship it back!

We are taking the unopened (by us anyway) cleaner to the Target store for a full refund and then destroying our Target card. All we wanted and told the two idiots on the phone was simply what we paid for, a new steam cleaner.


I have had the same problem with a gift I bought from a friend's wedding registry. The wedding happened nearly two months ago, and I am still apologizing to the couple.

No one on email or phone can help me, nor can they put me in touch with anyone who can.

Unbelievable. Will never order from Target again.


I am currently dealing with a different situation with Target. They ran my card through several times causing several pending transactions.

They tied up my remaining credit balance of $140 for a $64 purchase. I also have called the online, called the credit, sent messages online, and they keep saying they are fixing it, however, they transactions are still sitting there and today my message from them said- after 14 days, the attempted transactions will drop off.

I will never use Target again. The customer service is a joke.

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