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Purchased a defective electronic blanket from via Amazon. Any heat felt was spotty so it needed to go back.

Altho the shipping info stated that we could return the item to a Target local store, this is not the case. The Target store employees were very helpfuln but after several minutes, we were directed to and customer service (offshore). Not so nice.

We waited to speak with a manager and waited for 25 minutes for someone to speak to us.Has to go back to Amazon via UPS. Be careful where your order actually comes from.

Monetary Loss: $42.

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@ Simon- huh? What's with the name calling?

This person has a legitimate complaint and your comment isn't only rude and unhelpful but shows that you either didn't read it or that you lack basic reading comprehension skills. Noting diva about it.

If it says at the time of purchase that an item can be returned in store (which is the case for many Target/Amazon online items) then it should be accepted for in-store return. It's a perk that helps drive online sales, and the fact that it wasn't honored in this case is significant and may be worth noting for others contemplating online purchases.


Did it ever occur to you that maybe during the course of the manager's day, he had duties that involve...I don't know...MAMAGING THE STORE? I'm sorry that your feel you should be the center of the universe and every time you need policy REPEATED to you by a manager he should drop everything he's doing and come running.

If you listened to the first employee you wouldn't have needed to wait.

Grow up princess.

And if your complaint is that when you return a purchase, it needs to be returned in the same manner purchased, you are a diva and a retarded diva at that. You have a lot of growing up to do.

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