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I am really pissed off with I ordered 3 items as gifts on 12/7 and were due to be delivered by 12/15 and never came.

What made me so angry was that they debited my account on 12/7 and never shipped the itemsss.saying it is in transit. They gave me an UPS tracking number...but UPS said that they never got the package. This is an old shipping trick in order to get your money and hold onto it until they are ready to give it back to you. Retailers are not supposed to debit your account until the shipment has actually been is against the law to do otherwise.

When I called for a refund they kept telling me it was in transit but could not tell me where the package was. I told them I wanted a refund and no longer wanted the items. To make a long story short, they never put the refund in the first time and when I called a second time they finally processed the refund..which I will not receive until 10 days from their notice. Meanwhile they have held my money from 12/7 and I will not receive a refund until approx.

January 3rd.

This money was supposed to be for Xmas gifts. I will never, never order anything from again...they are the worse and everyone that you speak to in in India.

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Dear Tyreek - Thank you for alerting everyone to your bad experience with Target. You are one of a growing number of people who have found this site and is warning people of the type of services you can expect when you deal with any of the chain of Target stores.

They have absolutely no concern for customers' satisfaction and their corporate offices are equally almost impossible to deal with. Thank you for your posting.

It will help many potential customers look elsewhere to shop. There are many retailers eager to get our business and in today's economy, we have absolutely no reason to deal with a business who has no concern for its customers.


Target's great. They ship alot! your just *** to expect special service.


Ms. Aside

Ms. Aside

Target calling for Ms. Sue Aside

They said it's time to jump


Actually.. all companies hire an adiquete help in order to handle the increase in traffic.

UPS and USPS both share some assets in order to make it work as well. They will always ship on time as those companies lively-hoods depend on that package showing up.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #233184

Tyreek, I guess every business should be sued them, since consumers always pay BEFORE anything ships. I'm sure that it being the holiday season had NOTHING to do with the delayed ship *sarcasm*

Fanwood, New Jersey, United States #233183

lol simon should work for target ...your an a s s hole just like their customer service peeps.


Then like I said, why not get a lawyer? Sue Target and make them pay out the nose for this.

I'm sure lawyers would jump at the change to put their hands in the deep pockets of a retail giant. Escpecially with a case as iron-clad as you, the expert, say it is.

Somerset, Massachusetts, United States #229518
Don't you know anything about the law. Maybe you should read up on it.

It does not take genius to know that you cannot charge a consumer money for an item that has not shipped. I worked for a catalog company for 10 years...I do know that this is illegal and will s ue them if I don't get my money back as promised.

I bet you get ripped off a lot if you didn't even know that. :p

Since you are such an expert on what "illegal practices" are, why not just get a lawyer and sue them? That is, unless you really don't know what you are talking about, which would be my guess.

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