On 11/22/2011, I placed an order for baby formula on Target.com. It was a great deal, nearly 30 dollars less than any other retailer and free standard shipping on orders over 50.00.

It was estimated to be delivered today, 12/1/2011. On 11/29/2011, I got a message saying there had been an unexpected delay in my order and my order is estimated to be delivered between 12/8/2011-12/12/2011. Since my baby kind of needs baby formula to survive, I checked the status of my order on Target.com, which stated my order was still unshipped on 11/29/2011. I figured it would be a good idea to cancel this order and use the money I had set aside to buy formula from the grocery store.

I called Target.com customer service and was told it was too late to cancel my order! I explained that it was unshipped and even subject to an "unexpected delay"! They said that didn't matter, that I could not cancel. What's worse is that I made a PayPal payment that will clear once the formula ships!

I still have to buy formula Target...where do you suggest I find the money??? Better even is that Target does not allow cash refunds on PayPal payments! They will issue a refund on a Target card only!

Oh, and why is the formula still listed as "available" for purchase on your site?! I WILL NEVER SHOP TARGET.COM EVER AGAIN!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Deal.

Monetary Loss: $118.

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I agree! I thought I would save time and buy electronics from Target.

UPS delivery has been uncooperative and customer service was a nightmare.If you request a signature from UPS you have to be at home from 9am to 7pm Target should have indicted this). Who has that kind of time? I still don't have the item.

I could have bought the item for the same price at Best Buy and walked out of the store with it. No more Target in store or online!


Target is notorious for bad customer service. They have no concern for their "guests".

Once they take your money, their participation in working with customers is over. Good luck getting money out of them. They are absolutely the worst company in retail. I cannot say never, but I can say that I will try to never shop there again.

I agree that it would have the only, last resort. People should be warned - buyer beware!!!!


I ordered an Xbox from Target.com. On Black Friday, I found a better deal elsewhere so I returned the Target Xbox.

It was a nightmare. I had my packing slip, the unopened sealed Xbox, even brought back the separate gift card that I got for purchasing it. I had purchased it on a Target card and had that with me as well. They said that the packing list did not have anything on it that they could scan and that I should have something else.

I explained that this was all that came with it. They told me to go over to one of their kiosks and login to my Target account and print out my order. I was so angry! I did it, but let them know that I was not happy and that I was not leaving without getting this credited back to my account.

After speaking with someone over the phone for a long time, they then said they needed to call their Target.com line. Finally after about 35 minutes, they were able to credit my account. Not one time during this ordeal did they apologize for the inconvenience. It was more like I was an inconvience to them.

They did let me keep the gift card because they could not figure out how to give me credit for that. At the end of the transaction the clerk said that this was a common problem since Target.com changed their website and the numbers no longer match or something to that effect. Well, they sure did not act like it was common.

I thought maybe I was the first person to ever return anything from their website. I WILL NEVER SHOP TARGET.COM AGAIN and will shop Target stores as a last resort.


Target has the worst sales practices and customer service of any store I have ever seen or read about. I am sorry that such a thing happened to you, but if you read all of the accounts regarding Target, you will see that this is common for them.

You would best be served never dealing with Target again because of their ridiculous policies when it comes to helping their customers get satisfaction on a sale they made. They are horrible.

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