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3 comments has started requiring all information including credit card and full name, address, phone number before it will give you the total cost of ordering an item including shipping and other fees and taxes. Every other online retailer I have used only requires going to the shopping cart and entering your zip code to give the summary of charges.

I complained about this to and received a reply that it is impossible for them to do it otherwise. They have no right to ask for this information prior to final decision that you are going to buy the items which may be effected by how much they charge for shipping, gift wrapping etc compared to other companies.

They do this because they expect that after you have spent all the time required to enter all this information, you are more likely to complete the purchase than shop around and compare. I encourage everyone to go to their website and post a complaint that you will not purchase from target until this is changed

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Justin: Why don't you bother reading the complaint before responding. I clearly stated that I already communicated with

Every POC I could find. I posted here to get others to complain on their website as well, since they will only fix it if they think they are losing customers.


Instead of complaining about it on a site that has nothing to do with the inner workings of Target, why don't you inform of this. Maybe then they can get their code writers and revise the issues.

#291925 does the same as, so isn't the only pain in the rear when it comes to that annoying practice.

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