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We were looking for a double stroller for our 17mo old twins. The first place to look is on-line, the first place it took us was

This was a great thing because we had found the perfect stroller, or so we thaught. We had found a Tike Tech Trex360 stroller, well or so we thaught. It ended up being just the cover. But if you look at the features they included, tike tech double stroller, aluminum frame, reclining seats, orange in color, recomended for ages 2.

So I was like wow that is awsome. The price was unbeatable at only $34.99 ea. I mean how can you go wrong. After I found out it was a cover I called the company to see if I buy the cover if those features come with it.

There official response was "Is this a intillectual challenge? or do you really want to buy a stroller?". So to make a longer story short I was degraded and insulted and the only thing they could do was say "We will let someone know about the error have a good day" and hang up on me. And no I cannot call someone higher up then the people who insulted me to file a complaint against them.

I think I will find my products anywhere but at Target from this day forward.

And hope my friends and family will do the same.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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Target is very unethical they were probably trying to trick you into buying the cover and then hope you would buy the stroller. They don't care about customer relations at all.

Your right you can't talk to anyone high up. But the person who is rude to you assures you that your comments will be passed on to someone higher up HAHA.

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