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May 20, I order an item off a friend's baby registry. Granted it's only a $25 item but I've spent more time and money trying to track this package and that irritates the fire out of me!

May 21, the item ships to arrive by May 30. No worries, the shower is on June 1! It is shipped through UPS who then outsources to UPS Mail Innovations (which is USPS...ugh, the United States Post Office, we all know their track record). Their online tracking doesn't work; it's never updated.

When you call the 800 number, there is a recording and you can't get to live a person. Today is June 5 and I still do not have the item!!! I have called Target's 800 number on 4 occasions. Of course, I'm not speaking to someone in the good ol' USA.

They are totally reading from the binder. Target needs to invest time/money in basic customer service and understanding the English language.

On the 4th call, I'm finally getting the refund in 7-10 business days...are kidding me? This experience is confirmation why I've avoided Target for years.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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You realize Target has absolutely no control over UPS or the USPS, right? It sounds like they sent your item out for shipment with more than ample time, and you seem to be misdirecting your anger. Try calling the Postal Service, as this seems to be THEIR fault.

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