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11 comments is appalling! I was warned not to create a wedding registry but went against the advice of friends...lesson learned.

A gift was sent and was supposed to have 2 items, well 1 item was missing. I called and after two hours on the phone I learned the only solution is to re-order the item, re-pay for shipping and tax, oh and wait 5 days to receive my electronic refund. I was also hung up on and never called back after speaking with one phone rep for 30 minutes. I will NEVER shop or register with again.

This experience was HORRID! I spoke with two managers and was told it was "policy." My favorite stores are Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and clearly my expectations are too high based on my other shopping experiences with them.

I can't imagine managers not being empowered to make decisions to make the customer happy.

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Wow. IHateStupidCustomers has taken his sour grapes to a whole new dimension!
This dude loves to go all wacko on anyone who posts something negative about his beloved Target stores, and this time, he has gone to a whole new level.
Be careful dealing with this nutjob or he will become your vindictive stalker. BEWARE!!
He won't let anyone say anything bad about Target or their service. He has some kind of misdirected love affair with them, and he guards Target like a momma bear guards her helpless babies. :upset :upset

only a simple minded weirdo makes a sentence have more random smiley faces rather than words.

:p :p :p Dillhole :p :p :p

no, I never said it's a fake story. it's not even a story, it was a disaster.

one that you weren't a part of and one you haven't done anything for. and a cave dweller.. that's pretty dumb for you to act as if I'm lonely but then say that other people are missing me? okay then.

you rarely make any sense, your posts are usually just off topic subjects jumbled into one posts. but seriously? me a "cave dweller?" you constantly reply as soon as I do.

yet there are times when I don't get a chance to reply to you for days. what I'm trying to say is, take your own advice weirdo.

Hate - you don't even have a grasp on reality. You think Hurricane Katrina is a "fake story"?

This is not called stalking. It's called begging you to go back into the cave from which you emerged.

Your fellow cave dwellers miss you. :( :(

what's up with you and your obsession with wanting me to eat? you're so f**king creepy.

Pea brain - go and have a snack. If we're all lucky, you'll choke and then we won't have to deal with your sor ry as& anymore.

Eat up - it's good for you. :( :(

soooo.. the point of your comment is that you pulled more random sh*t from your demented head?

but stop with your fake stories about how Hurricane Katrina messed up your area.

I'm sure Target just didn't want to return something for you that was way past the return date. get over yourself because no one sees you as the "Target Hater group leader"

Seriously, Hate - When are you going to get it through your conceited brain? No one gives a craaaap about what you think and no one thinks of you as the "pissedconsumer god" whose opinion we should give any consideration to.

You add nothing to these sites except problems.

I'll leave the name calling to your imagination, but I'm sure you know the extreme gest. :p

finally anonymous explains their story. while I do agree Target is screwed up in your comment, you're still a weird ***.

While I have never shopped with, I did make the mistake of shopping with the Target brick and mortar store. I cannot reconcile the advantage they took of the victims of a natural disaster when we were so helpless and left with nothing.

I have made it my life's mission to notify as many people as I possibly can about their terrible practices and lack of concern for their customers. If it were not for the fact that we lost our courthouses from Hurricane Katrina, I most certainly would have pursued charges for their fraud, bait and switch, and misrepresention (politically correct term for out and out lying).
Most retailers were generous in their understanding of us recent disaster victims; Target was licking their lips to defraud us. It was a lesson that will not be forgotten by myself and those of us who live along the hard hit Gulf Coast by the largest disaster to ever hit the United States. Since you live in Orlando, I urge you to take heed and spread the word!!

All Target cares about is your money.

Once they've got it, you are of no concern to them. :roll

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