Placed order on black friday from target.com - 2 PS3 games and 3 dvds. After I placed the order I got my confirmation email and it said to call if you wanted to change the order.

I decided to add an additional copy of one of the dvds so I called the # but they could not edit my order. After I didn't get my order I called the # again on 12/10/11 and was told it did not ship because my order was not taken off of edit mode from when I called and now the games were out of stock but they would ship the rest of my order and then the games when they became available. I called again today 12/19/11 since I still did not get my order and was told it was still on edit mode. Again one of the games was out of stock and they could ship my order but could not get me the game.

I asked to talk to a supervisor since the game I purchased was orig. $59.99 and on sale for $37. The lady transferred me and upon talking to the supervisor she could not find my order, the other lady cancelled it. I was basically told they could not honor the prices from black Friday, even though I had my confirmation e-mail, but would send me a $10 gift card with my purchase.

That doesn't even cover the difference of 1 dvd let alone the 2 games on sale for $37 each. I told them to cancel my order, that I was returning all of my previous purchases and would not be shopping at Target again, for which I did all of shopping, including groceries.

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