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I placed an order on Sept. 9th for a glider and matching ottoman for my nursery. The expected delivery date was 9/21-23. On the 21st I noticed the glider had not yet shipped, but I also received an e-mail that the ottoman had shipped on 9/16. However, the UPS did not have any record of the tracking number Target provided.

I called 9/21 to inquire why the glider hadn't shipped and to get the correct tracking number for the ottoman. After being automatically disconnected from customer service 3 times and sitting on hold for 30 minutes I finally got a person on the phone. They said there was a delay on my order because of the Missoni issues (although I ordered the week before that happened, and my items should've already shipped) and it caused a problem with the system, delaying my glider order and causing the tracking number not to be transferred to the UPS system. The customer service agent informed me that it the correct tracking number would appear in 1-2 days at the latest and my glider would be shipped the following day.

On 9/22 I received an e-mail saying there was a delay on my order and it would now be shipped on 10/12. More than one month after ordering. And the item is shown as "in stock" online. And on 9/23 UPS still does not have a record of the ottoman tracking number. I sent an e-mail to Target using the online contact form and received no response.

As of 9/26, I have not received the ottoman, UPS has no record of it shipping, though Target says it shipped on 9/16. I'm also trying to find out why it is taking so long for the glider to ship when it is in stock. I called Target four times today and keep being placed on hold. On my third attempt, I finally connected with someone who placed me on hold while she checked my order. She said I would need to talk to someone else about it (gave no specifics as to who this other person was/ title, etc.) and gave me a reference number. Then proceeded to place me on hold for 50 minutes.

I finally hung up. I tried to call again this evening and have been on hold for 30 minutes (I am still on hold as I type this).

I've gotten no resolution at all from Target customer service. I have no idea if my ottoman is indeed on it's way or if it'll ever get here, and I was already charged for it. I also don't know when/if my glider will ship. I couldn't even cancel the order if I wanted to, since I cannot get a hold of anyone.

This is the second time I've had issues with customer service and will NEVER order from them again.

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that's why I only order online if it's something I can't get in a store.

Same Here I Went To The Apartment's Office And Checked And It Wasnt There :(

I had the same issue over a DVD. Target said it shipped, and I never received it.

The tracking number they provided showed no results. I called, they put in a new order. The dvd was on backorder. It was a Halloween DVD I ordered for a child's gift (Spookley the Square Pumpkin).

I wanted to cancel the order because it was not going to be here in time for the correct Holiday. So, the item was on backorder, and had not shipped. I called them 7 times trying to cancel it, but because it was being "processed" it could not be cancelled. Even though the item was on backorder and had not been shipped.

I am so glad I paid for this item through paypal. I opened a dispute, and my money was refunded. For a few weeks I kept getting automated e-mails from Target saying there has been a delay in my order. Finally it was cancelled just last week.

But, if you dispute the item(s) with your credit card company, they will take care of it. is horrible, and I will NEVER ever place an order there again.


I feel for you, this same exact situation has happened to me. Is this the Eclipse Slider??

I have 5 calls to Target with all the same responses as you. I just tried to contact Target Corp w/ no luck. I want my 304.00 back and they have refused twice. You know the policy is they don't bill un til they ship so why have they taken the funs out of our accounts?

I'm filing a complaint with my bank today, I'm going to have them file a complaint against Target for doing an unathourized debit due to policy failure.

I contacted UPS and they told me that they never picked my orer up as well. Good luck to you.

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