Ordered a mirror for a client project. Had deadline to meet.

Received damaged mirror after a 2 week wait, I haven't been able to reach customer service at Target.com. I have called twice a day around my work schedule. In the meantime I ordered a new one to replace it and paid shipping to 2nd day air it. It never showed up after 2 weeks.

Called daily to Target.com and was put on hold for 30 minutes each time, transferred to management supervisor, on hold for an hour and call was dropped. I do not have the product and my c/c was charged for 2 mirrors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

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ordered an item 2 mths ago, came in damaged. called customer service and was told they gonna send me new item with a prepaid package to send damanged item back in.

never showed up. just called back and another rude person answered and wasted 40mins of my time telling me to return the item and just reorder - hello?? they expect me to repay shipping and drive around town after they told me a new one was on the way?? then that guy transferred me to another who he said was going to resend the item..

the second guy had no clue and try to tell me some more ***.. then i told him i been dealing with a website thats down half the time, a registry that never works and now damaged items they fail to replace - he just hung up on me..

i asked to speak to someone in the US but i guess they just throw their customer service off to south american and let it fall apart. ridiculus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Horrible horrible! Service is terrible!

I will never shop at target


They cant speak english! What a joke


What a shame I had a similar situation and they should be ashame of themselves. Being a big store they knno better.

4 times I called and each time I was on hold at least 45 minutes with no results. I had to call back to get another service rep.

With the same b***s***,. I am sooo disappointed...


If you order something from someones registry and it no longer available you still can't get your money back. This is very bad customer service.

What is going on with "Target", they now hold customers money hostage when they no longer have the product. Refund our money so we can purchase from a source that has the product we want. And learn be the store we once loved and wanted to shop at.

Shame on you. Terrorist is a good name for you....


They need to do something about their customer servcie... They outsourced in the phillipines and we are unable to speak to anyone in the states to help with a dumb simple matter!!!!!


i agree! I have called customer service 4 times because after shopping on target.com I went to check out and decided to delete one item in my cart and my whole order locked up.

I called to have them (customer service) delete the item and they weren't able to (all 4 times I called). My acct.

is currently locked up so I can't place an order and being disabled I rely on being able to order items online. As a foot note when calling customer service the online instructions tell you to provide your 'cart' number so they can look up your order, well none of the people I spoke to knew what a cart number was.

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