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I am having my first child in 5 weeks. I registered at Target in the beginning of October. As I am at Target (every day), I was very comfortable putting everything on my registry and trusting them. Well after realizing that I needed to add some stuff I went online and edited it. I added merchandise that is only available on-line. BIG MISTAKE. Target and are NOT THE SAME.
One of the things I registered for was a Boppy Cradle in Comfort Bouncer. My mom's best friend could not attend the show and bought this on-line on Nov. 28 for the Dec. 6th shower. They had it shipped right to me since I am 6 hrs away. When it had NOT arrived by Dec. 31/08 I called in to (who the manager at the store told me to call). I was told that it was shipping the next day...ironic I thought but ok! I was told I would get a confirmation email with the tracking number. Since I never received that, I called back on the 4th of Jan 09. I was told that this was not true and it was set to ship NO LATER than Jan 12, 2009 (which is exactly 6 weeks from the date it was ordered..they told me that was customary policy..which I know is a LIE too).
Once again, I did not receive the email I was promised so I called back again. I was told that they do not even have the product, nor do they know when they will. It will be 2 to 6 weeks before it ships if they get it right away, but could be up to 18 weeks. Okay..math time...I am due in 5 weeks 18 weeks from now is 13 weeks past my due date. These bouncers are for infants.
Here is the real kicker. Your registry expires after 90 days past your due date (per the Target store manager...remember I am there every day...even the store is trying to help) what that means is that if I do get it after that 90 days it can't be returned because the registry will have expired. Go figure!!!
I asked if I could just get the one that they have at the store that is in the pink. I really didn't want this one because I wanted a neutral color; however, at this point...I just want it to be done. I was told NO< NO< NO!!! Since this was bought off of my registry I am not allowed to do this! I was also told that only charges you once the item ships so until then you have No recourse because you have not paid for the item. THIS IS NOT TRUE! I went back in my bank statements and looked at all of the gifts that I have bought for people off and I ALWAYS have been charged at the time of purchase.
The generic emails that I get back from Vinodh, Akeliah, Thomas Jerome L. and Saikurma are generic absurd and full of nothing helping.I've reviewed our records and see that one of my colleagues is researching this issue and will contact you soon.
(Here is the first response I received...of course I never heard back until I called)We'd suggest you to wait so that it will enable us to complete our research, there are times that it may take us a little longer as it is in this case.
Sorry for the wait. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Best regards,
(This is the reply I got today)

I sincerely apologize that we ran into a delay in receiving this item from our supplier.
At the time the order was placed, this item was listed on the detail page as instock.
Unfortunately, when it came time to actually process the order, we found that we had a temporary backorder occurring, which was reflected in the new estimated delivery dates on your order.
Our supplier has not been able to let us know exactly when they expect to have more in stock. I apologize that you were not notified sooner of this change in availability.
When the item "Boppy Cradle In Comfort Bouncer" is back in stock, we'll ship it out to you as soon as we can. In further research I see that one of my collegues is following up with order and will reply back to you on January 20, 2009.
Thanks for getting in touch with us.
Best regards,
I mean seriously what in the world do you do? NEVER buy from!!!1

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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:eek amazing that guy is everywhere hope he does know what hes talking about

the only way to get ahead in target is to lie the led and management being the bigest lies of all they would lie bout thier own mama if they thought they would get a ten cent raise out of it


The ball is in your court to make a decision. Do you want to work this out and receive the item, on Target's timetable?

Or, do you want to make your purchase elsewhere?

The amount of time you have sunk into this saga, and how little you have ot show for it suggests to me its time to give up on this purchase and shop elsewhere. Is Target the only place selling this item?


Well Sally I think if anyone needs to get a life it is YOU! At least the people that post original complaints on here are mad and frustrated.

You appear to just be a lonely internet surfer who has nothing better to do than to try and call everyone that posts anything about Target idiots that need to get a life. Here is a thought....spend your time building a resume that will get you a career and not a job that is for such a poor company!


Get a life!

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