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I purchased a dinette set in early November from using my REDcard and a gift card. The table arrived with the glass top completely shatterd, and the iron table and chairs were rusted and dented.

The color was advertised as black, it arrived grey. The cushions were advertised as grey, they arrived brown. I contacted immediately and they informed me to get rid of the broken items so I wouldn't be hurt trying to return shattered glass and that I would be refunded in 10 days. I received an email with the return confirmation and refund confirmation.

I received a gift card in the mail for the gift card portion about a month later. I waited patiently for the credit card refund (thinking it may have been because of the billing cycles). At the end of December, I called again inquiring why the refund hadn't posted yet. They informed me that it was never processed and assured me it was now processed and would be complete within 10 days.

It's now been over 3 weeks and I have yet to receive the credit on my redcard. I spent 2 hours on the phone with and Target REDcard today and still have no refund. The customer service has been TERRIBLE. claims that they processed the refund back in November and that it is not their fault I haven't received the refund.

Target REDcard stated that there has been no refund of the order and that is responsible for issuing the refund to the card. I have been passed back and forth between the two and spoke with several supervisors, all whom keep passing me back and forth claiming it's not their problem. I am very unhappy with, Target REDcard and the customer service I have received. This was my first online shopping experience with and comparing it to

I will definitely spend my money at in the future. Their online ordering process was very organized and I received great customer service. Walmart is a little farther from where I live, but it's worth the drive.

I can't never thought I'd shop Walmart over Target, but I have the last couple months and I must say I have been much happier with Walmart.

Monetary Loss: $167.

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Isn't that the exact point, Kendra? When you shop at any other retailer, they make your purchase good.

When you shop at Target, not only do they give you a hard time, they blame you for trying to scam them. It doesn't matter what the problem is, Target blames the customer. On this site, the posters call you horrible names like scammer and thief trying to rip off places like Target. It doesn't matter what the consumer does, Target blames you, THE CUSTOMER.

That's why when you shop there, you are the one wearing a Target on your body. It not only sounds like they are blaming you, it sounds like they have moved thier Target from your backside to your forehead. No matter what you present on this site, these refuters will say it is your fault. Everyone else knows whose fault it really is - The Target Corporation themselves.

I hope they have a massive layoff at the top and get all new officers in and clean that place up. They can't get away with blaming the customer forever.
If you will read all the other postings on the Target search, you will see that Target treats everyone the same - stealing from you, the customer and blaming you for their theft. Enough of us have had it with Target and quit shopping there.

I hope you are one of those people, too, and that you get the word out to everyone you know, Target steals your money and blames you for the problem!! :(

Well it is the store/shippers fault when they ship a large breakable item in an box with minimal packaging and NO labels noting that the item is breakable, glass, or fragile and won't back their own return policy.


Good for you for thinking I'm a scammer! Think what you want, I just want to warn people to think twice before ordering from online stores, even if they are part of a local store. You never know what you might get, and returns can be a nightmare.


Oh for Pete's sake - Same old song, same old verse: It is YOUR fault.

Kendra, don't you see? You aren't only a stupi* shopper, now you are also a thief and a ***.

Remember, the ONLY fault Target recognizes is, "YOUR FAULT!!!!" Makes me wonder: Is your picture up on some bulletin board for the Target people to use as (get ready ....) T A R G E T p r a c t i c e?

You broke the top trying to scam them and they saw through it. Move on to your next 'Target'.

Scammer. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry
I had the same problem. I ordered online in November, immediately returned the item to the store, now its January -still no refund.

I'm surprised because I usually get good service in the store. It's like the online store is run by a bunch of monkeys like those commercials.

Kendra, dear -don't you read the reviews on this site?

Hired guns say it's your fault that something went wrong with Target and not Target's responsibility.

Please check over all the reviews under the "Target" listing. You will see that the only fault Target assumes is ---- YOURS!!!!

The Target is on your backside!

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