Online shoppers at target.com BEWARE. I placed an order online two weeks and never received my merchandise.

I called their customer service representative with my order number that was in an email confirmation. She said that their ordering system never placed my order. What is the value of a retailer sending you an email order confirmation after the fact when they didn't really place the order? I was told after an hour of being on the phone that I don't understand these email confirmations.


It works for every other online retailer that I have ordered from. Once again, upcoming holiday shoppers beware...just because you get an email order confirmation from target.com, don't assume that target.com actually placed your order.

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I knew I couldn't be the only one this happened to. Not only did the exact same thing happened to me, but they also charged my credit card. After spending hours on the phone they reordered the item and charged me more money since now I had to have it expressed mailed.

Today I rec's and email from Target with a tracking number that is invalid so I have no idea now if I'm even going to get it.

How are they still in business?


You deal with Target - you deal with more trouble than you can get out of. They are horrible.

They will keep your money, make you jump through hoops, and you won't get your merchandise or money back no matter what you try. They are the worst.


The exact same thing has happened to me, they charged my card for a humidifier I bought online and I even received an order #... 2 weeks passed and no delivery.

I called to check the status of the order and they said my order number does not exist and for me to call my bank!! Horrible customer service + terrible website programming + faulty billing = Target

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