G.W. Steinhafel 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dear Mr. Steinhafel:

I am very upset with Target.com and would like to share my experience with you. I do not believe the experience I had is what Target would condone. Yet I felt and feel totally helpless regarding the situation. I cannot trust anything I am told by calling Target.com. I do not even know if the item will ship or not. I have detailed the events of my experience to date in the attached pages. The only bright spot in my experience was Denise, a manager in your St. Augustine store.I am at my wits end, I do not know if my wife's birthday present has been shipped or not, I do not feel like there is anyone at Target.com that will listen or care about my situation. It seems to be an impersonal entity which is not characteristic of what my experience has been with Target stores. You have a major problem with Target.com and I felt you needed to know.


With my wife's birthday fast approaching, I purchased an Apple I-Pad on September 26,2011. The order number was 1062282890. I had not received an e-mail confirming shipment from Target by Wednesday morning, so I decide to call and inquire about the order, as this was my gift to my wife for her birthday. I called1-800-591-3869 about 7am EST. I was told by the person that answered the telephone that she could not answer my question about my order as I had to call back 7am CST and talk to the order confirmation department and was given a case number of 3-686217488. I thought this a bit strange, but complied with her request. In the mean time I examined my pay pal account and saw that there was a pending charge from Target regarding the order.I called back at 7am CST, and gave my case number and was told that my order would ship today and I would receive an e-mail confirming the order. I thought this was cutting it close for my wife's birthday. I thought to myself that if I did not receive an e-mail by 1pm I would call back to determine what is happening. Needless to say, I did not receive an e-mail so I called to inquire about the order. I was told that there were computer problems and this was the reason agents could not pull up my order and that I would need to re-order the I-Pad. I told the agent what I was told earlier that the order would ship today and she told me No, I would need to re-order. I told her that Target already had drafted my pay-pal account and she said that Target just put a hold on the account and not to worry. She gave me a case number of 3-689214893.I did as I was told and ordered the I-Pad again and received order number 1066802799. At this point, I did not trust Target.com and wanted to confirm my wife's birthday present would be sent. I called and got an agent and told them the old order number to assure it was no longer valid. To my surprise, the agent said it was being processed and would be shipped today. You could imagine my surprise, as we are not talking about a $20.00 item but an item which is over $500.00. I explained to the agent what had happened and that I had just ordered another I-Pad. All she did was assure me that this order would be shipped today. I asked what about the other order and again she assured me that this order would be shipped today. I then, asked her for a supervisor as she was having a hard time understanding my predicament, she said she would transfer me and placed me on hold. I was upset at the time, I did not know what to believe, was I going to get the product? Was I going to be charge for two products? I could not afford over $1000.00 in fees. I stayed on hold about 10 minutes and decided to call on my cell phone 1-612-304-6073, which was suppose to be the corporate number to Target's customer service. I got a real person on the line and explained the situation to them, thinking I had found someone that really cared about customer service, all they did was say that I would have to talk to someone in Target.com and immediately transferred me. I could hear the same music from the land line and my cell phone so I knew that this was not the current option. I hung my cell phone up, remember, all the time I am on hold for the supervisor on the land line. I decide to contact the Target Store in Saint Augustine, that they may give me a telephone number to someone in Target that cared about customer service. I called and asked for a manager, and was given Denise. I went through a lengthy explained my situation to her and asked if she could help by giving me a contact number(remember I am still on hold for a supervisor with Target.com). Denise was very helpful in finding a solution. She said if I get both I-Pads she would take one back as a refund. She gave me a number of 800-940-0680 as a customer service number of Target and said they would be very responsive to my situation. I called the number, but it was not a Target number. I could have written down a wrong number. After spending an extended period of time with Denise on my cell phone, I was still on hold for a supervisor on the land phone. After my lunch hour was over I had to hang the phone up in which I was waiting for a supervisor and no supervisor answered.I received an e-mail from Paypal saying that my order on 9-28-11 was processed nothing from Target. I then received an e-mail from Target that my original order had shipped today! I went on line and canceled my order for 1066802799 which was confirmed and I have copies of the confirmation. To summarize my experience with Target.com, I have the following questions: 1) Why was my order delayed in the first place?2) Why could I not get a simple answer on my first call (What was the status of my order?)3)Why did I not get an e-mail after the second call to confirm the order?4) Why was I told that my order had been canceled?5) Why when I called back to confirm the order was really canceled and finding out it was not did not the agent help me at that point?6) Why was I placed on hold for a supervisor did I not get one after more than 40 minutes?7) Why after calling the customer relations number was I abruptly transfer to the reason that I was calling in the first place?9) Why did I receive an e-mail from Target saying order 1062282890 has shipped and the UPS site says "UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated." For Tracking number 1Z6ER738PP89574448 (Thursday night at 7:52 EST)10) Will the item really arrive?

G.W. Steinhafel Target Company 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dear Mr. Steinhafel:

I thought I would pass along the latest interaction I have had with Target.Com. Immediately following this page is the interaction I had last night. Again, there was a concerning interaction with Target.com i.e. the not accepted survey which was not complementary to Target.com and the theme of the calls as I out line.For you convenience, I also, have enclose a copy of my original letter.I pass this information to you in the hope that you will see a real problem with Target.Com and the lack of customer service.


Addition, I called Target.Com on Friday, September 30 night at 7:30 pm to inquire about the order. For your information, no matter when I call the same speech is at the start of the call, there is high volume and a long wait time, this alone should tell you something. I informed the operator that there is conflicting stories about the order. Targets web site says it is shipped and UPS shows that a tracking number has been created, but the product is not in the UPS system. (As a side note, while I was checking the Target web site I was invited to take a survey about Target.com. Of course I accepted and complete the survey, which was not very complementary after I hit the submit button a notice came back and said the survey was not accepted).The operator said the product should be delivered today. She said I should call UPS. I said I did not ship the product that Target did why should I call. She then said she would look on the UPS system and reported that she saw the same information I did. She said she was going to transferred me to another department to determine where the product is. I was placed then transferred and placed on hold from 7:35 until 8:22 pm. A Nicole answered. I told her I had a very simple question, "Did my order ship?" She said that the system says it shipped. I told her the UPS web site does not show the item is in their system. She said that sometimes UPS system does not scan the product thus no update is available. I told her I am sorry, but a representative from Target.Com told me the order was canceled and I reorder the product and was then told that the original order was shipped thus I do not have a lot of faith in Target.com. She apologized for the information and that she would watch my order and ask the warehouse if it has not been delivered after the five day late. I asked her why I was not contacted originally by Target.com that says there was a problem with my order. She said I should have gotten an e-mail about the order needing to be confirmed. I said the only e-mail I received regarding the order was that it shipped. She said that my credit card company may have put a hold on the money. I told her it had never put a hold on any transaction before. I then asked her why the first person could not have answered my question, instead of me being put on hold for almost an hour? She said some issues that needed to be elevated to a supervisor and mine was one of them.I then called UPS to see what they had to say. They said it was a very slim chance that it was not scanned by UPS. I told them that Target blamed them for not scanning the product. They said by their calculations the product should arrive Monday.There are themes to my interactions with Target.com. The first is that the first tier of so called customer service main objective is to get me off the phone, by quickly giving me an answer or transferring me to the second level. I can only assume that the company the fist level is employed by has or is incentivized by either the volume of calls or by keeping call to a minimum. The second theme is that Target.com is not responsible for the problems, it is either my credit card company or UPS, which I have solid track records of my credit card company and UPS, not with Target. The chances of a perfect storm of both of these fine companies having a problem with the same transaction is close to zero.

G.W. Steinhafel 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dear Mr. Steinhafel:To Continue my problems with Target.com. I finally received the phantom I-Pad no one could confirm the shipment of and I have decided to take the product back as I told you in an earlier letter it was birthday present and time had run out as I did not know if and when the product would come. I trusted Target would give me a refund as the web site assure me that if I got the product and wanted a refund all I would have to do is go to a Target store. I did not take the product out of the shipping box and carried it to the store for a refund. All went well up to the point of getting the money. I was told the because I had used my pay pal account I could only get a gift card for $535.27. I would normally use my Discover Card, but Target.com featured pay pal as a premiere way to pay for the purchase. I said this was not acceptable and Mary tried to call someone at the refund center. Mary said the refund center said they were sorry and Mary offered us a phone and dialed customer relations. My wife was with me and I was getting very upset so I asked her to talk. She talked to a person named Jerry 20121 and he repeated the same story of had to get the refund in a gift card. My wife asked Jerry for his supervisor and he said it would do no good and did not pass her along, he then said he would transfer her she was on hold from 6:15 pm until 7:15to talked to a Nicole. Mark, the store team leader, got involved. He talked to the refund department and determined that Target had my money. He did his best to intercede on our behalf and demonstrated the spirit of what I thought Target should be. He had no success, everyone at Target understood our situation and they agreed that Target had our money and we had an unopened product and a receipt. Had I payed with my Discover Card there would not be a problem, or so I am told. If the amount had been 100.00 I would have taken the gift card, but for over 500.00 a Target gift card is unacceptable.I am told that the fine print is on the screen warning that refund by pay pal would result in a gift card, but I am not the only customer who was lured into the trap, as some other customers were trying to get a refund from a purchase made on Target.com where , Target.com sent them the wrong product and they paid with pay pal and were told they would have to get a gift card. They were mad and felt cheated, but when they saw the wrong done to us they took the gift card. We left out of the store with the product in hand as a gift card is not acceptable.I am pleading with you, intercede for us. I am not asking for cash, just credit back my pay pal account what was taken or even credit my Discover Card.As a share holder (small) in Target I am requesting that the matter of Target.com be investigated before a good company is turned into a bad company.


Monetary Loss: $535.

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Totally agree


I had same situation here. Target is the big thief.

It is only happened to one person, it could be some mistake.

However, if you go online, you will found hundreds and thousands story of how problematic and fraud is the target refund system. Please let people aware that do never shop there anymore.


You should have contacted Paypal.They would have gotten your money back their bigger than target.


I believe you haven't had any experience with AT&T.

Well that surely will surprise you ever more and more!

I am fit to be tied. I ordered $572 worth of Xbox 360 items, and used the "every so convenient" PayPal option instead of getting up to get my wallet and use the exact same card.

Somewhere, and I still havent found it, it says you cant get a refund if you use PayPal. I imagine it must be down in the light grey writing with the medium grey background. REGARDLESS, my son got a duplicate gift, so I went to return it to the store. The manager tore the entire box open for the console and I told her please not to do that because i know the policy is very strict on electronics.

She said it is her policy to refund me, that she inspect the item. I brought in the unopened box in the actual shipping box with packing slip and packing materials. She then stated could not return it for me at the store because it was an ONLINE order which she obviously knew because i brought it in in the *** shipping box, HELLO? Now I am returning the OPENED electronic via UPS and she and I did call a "supervisor" at "corporate" to inform her that the store manager opened the box.

"Supervisor" said it'd be ok, gave me a reference # that it would be in the system, not to worry" ship it back and get my refund. THEN I GET AN EMAIL THAT SAYS BECAUSE I USED PAYPAL I CANT HAVE MY MONEY BACK, I CAN ONLY HAVE A TARGET GIFT CARD! I DONT WANT A TARGET GIFT CARD. Quite frankly they are not inexpensive like they used to be, and the quality has gone way down.

Customer Service is a joke, even corporate. Alls im saying is, using PayPal retains their money and there should be a nice VISIBLE prompt saying if you choose to use PayPal, you cant ever have your money back! You MUST spend your money at their store or nothing! I know for a fact you can credit a PayPal account, Ebay sellers do it ALL THE TIME.


Obviously they can look that up on my credit cards, so they are losing several thousand dollars a year alone by just me for their "RETAIN" policy and not "RETURN/REFUND" policy! :( I HATE TARGET.COM and now im stuck spending this dang gift card at their store.

I had the same problem with paying via PayPal. Very deceptive to consumers that the hidden return policy for PayPal transactions is in the form of a gift card.

When you check out on Target.com PayPal shows up the first form of payment. I'm sure this is intentional so the store does not have to issue your a cash refund and forces you to use their Target gift card.


is this the attorney michael w steinhafel that was arrested in wisconsin for showing up in court drunk?


What was your payment method with paypal? Credit or debit card?

File a dispute.

They will require that you return it, using a tracking number to prove it was delivered. Once they have that you'll get refunded


To set the record streight my wife may have posted this.


I was serching the net to see if other people were having problems with Target, to my surprise, I found this posting. I did not post this letter, but I am the author of the letter.

The only people I sent this letter to was to Target executive office, a district and store manager for Target. Apparently, an emplyee of Target felt I had been so wronged that they posted my letter.

I was contacted by Target today to be told they would not give me my money back and said they would give me a giftcard because I used pay-pal, regardless I had a receipt. I would love to hear from others with similar problems.

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