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Do NOT shop I placed an order on 11/12/11 for a TV that I was planning on giving my fiance for XMAS.

I got an email on 11/15/11 saying the item was shipped and should arrive within 5-8days. I called them on 12/1/11 because after calling UPS to inquire why the tracking status wasn't moving I learned that UPS had not recieved the item. I was told they would contact the shipping dpt. and then get back to me in 4 days.

They said it showed in their system I should have recieved the item on 11/17/11.I called again today 12/6/11 and was told the same thing, they had still not figured out why the item hadn't shipped. Each time I called I spoke to someone obviously not from America & they seemed perplexed as to what was going on with my order. Today the consultant told me they would again fill out a form to contact the shipping dpt. and get back to me in 5 days.

I questioned if they would ship the item overnighht because they had obviously messed up shipping the item before. The told me because the item had already been placed they could not change the shipping. So you don't know why my order that I should have revieved 2 weeks ago hasn't shipped or what is going on with it but you won't compensate by overnight shipping it. They have the worst customer service dpt.

ever, not to mention each time I called I got transferred 3 times and kept having to repeat my info each time. I cancelled my order and am awaiting a refund on my $.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Agree 110%, worst service in my 75 years, calls in the c.s. dept in the Philippines was a night mare. Don't order from target.vom


I ordered a game for my son two weeks ago and ordered the shipping that would have had it arrive TODAY and where is it? Not on my doorstep...


OMG! I just searched online to see how many complaints about the horrible customer service at Target .com I could find and there are so many.

I actually just hang up the phone with them and I'm so angry! About 3 months ago I placed an order online for that crappy stuff Missoni made w/ Target. Big mistake on my part but anyways... They made so many mistakes w/ my order that I can even begin to explain...

they told me order was never processed, than it was being processed, etc... after 3 weeks of back and forth and items from the order arriving separately every day even after the e-mails I got told me order was being shipped in full I finally called Target again and made them cancel the whole thing... I pretty much told them that I did not want to receive anything that was on back order bc when I purchased the items are shown in stock. Also I got charged for shipping when my total qualified for FREE Freight!

Anyways, the set me a $50 e-card as a way to say sorry for all their mistakes and since that day I had told them I would never step a foot inside a target again which I didn't but since I had that ecard, I said... what a ***?? I will use it and purchase some gifts for Xmas. The ecard could only be used online so there I went and decided what to get to get rid of it and for my surprise I got a message at check out that something was not right so I called the idiots at Target once again...

I was transferred to 5 people until one went to check on the problem and told me the card was issued incorrectly and that I could not use it but he would send me a regular card via mail that will take 7 to 10 bus days to arrive. I'm furious!!!!!!!!!! How can they do this? I'm so upset bc I know this card will never arrive.

I was lied by Target from the start and I will never be compensated for the headache they caused me.

PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when shopping at They are simply the worst site you can go to! Go to bc they are wonderful and their customer service is A++++++

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