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On Dec 8th, I ordered a 19" television/DVD player for my child for Christmas. I received an e-mail from stating my order had been shipped and the expected delivery date was to be December 15th.

I noticed the tracking number given for UPS showed that the product still had not been received by UPS as of December 13th. After verifying with UPS that they had not received the package, I spoke to several representatives from Target. Several employees lied to me. One told me the department I needed was only open from 7am-10pm Central time.

When I pointed out that it was at that time between 7am and 10 pm Central time, she said I'd still have to wait and call back the next day. The next day I finally spoke to an employee in that particular department who stated, "I know the product has not shipped. I know UPS has not received the product from us, but I don't care." Incredulous, I repeated what she had said to me. "You don't CARE?" She repeated herself.

She went on to explain that I had to wait until the day after the expected delivery date before the item could be reordered. So, I called back on Dec 16th and after another hour, they reordered my product. Unfortunately, they had to charge my card again and issue a credit for the previous one that wouldn't show up for 10 days. Ooookay.

So I've got 2 charges on my card. I get my product today. It doesn't work. (Thank God I checked it before I gave it as a gift) I call the manufacturer who tells me I'll have to pay to ship it back (shame on you, Polaroid) or I have to work through the company I purchased it from.

Back to's customer service line. This time, the first lady said I'd have to pay about $50 more for the same product. The second lady told me Target would be glad to pay the cost of repairing the TV if I take it to a local TV repair shop. (seriously?) By the time I spoke to the third rep, I decided I could make the 2 hour drive to my nearest Target store and exchange it in person.

I just asked the lady to confirm they had product in stock before I *** on my trek. No luck. Not carried in stores. She doesn't even want to exchange products.

She offers me a refund, which will show up about 10 days after they receive the product. She also insists that I have to print a shipping label. (My printer is broken) Then she says I'll have to return the product to the store 2 hours away. At this point I let her know I've shopped online before and I know UPS shows up with a call tag.

"Oh" she says, "I guess we can do that." Grrr...I will never shop again. I have 2 charges on my credit card right now, neither of which will be credited before Christmas, and no gift. Fabulous.

Way to go, Target. Your poor customer service has proven to me why the dreaded Walmart has taken all your business.

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I have a similar thing going on. I ordered the samsung galaxy tab and they charged my card twice.

I got the tablet and it works good, but theres an extra $460 missing from my account. I've called a few times and they can't even give me any information or timeline about fixing the problem which is complete bullcrap. They have my money from their own freaking mistake and they are holding it hostage. All I get when I call is someone with a terrible english accent that I can't understand you just keeps saying "I don't know or someone is investigating it" to any question of what's going to happen or when it will be fixed.

That's unacceptable. If you don't know, find out who does, don't just keep passing the buck. Also, a few times I get them to say "we'll call you back, but no one ever has" I'm sure eventually get it fixed, but I wish I could charge them a penalty for taking my cash.

I wish the people you called could actually ****ing help you instead of just give bullcrap answers. Also, if you say your going to call back then do it, dont freaking lie about it.

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