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On Sunday December 16, 2012, I spent nearly two hours searching to purchase Christmas gifts. While the inefficient and ineffective design of the website was frustrating, I didn’t realize until now that this would be the least of my worries. I placed my order and somehow, even though I updated and verified the shipping address, the shipping address was incorrect. When I realized my packages (5 items shipping in 3 separate shipments) were going to Nevada and not Minnesota, I called customer service on Monday. I spoke to two gentlemen whose version of the English language was unintelligible at most times. Neither was able to locate my order after multiple attempts. Finally, I was transferred to “Craig/Greg”(?) in the Minneapolis office. He said my order was processed and the first tracking number was generated (as I knew from the email I had received), but because it was in the black hole between WH and UPS, he was unable to update the shipping address at the moment. He said I could update the address with UPS myself. When I explained to him that this was not my error but's error and he should fix it, he said that he would call the WH after 11:45am (CST) to change the shipping the address. He then stated that he would email the updated shipping to me when complete. I did not receive said email on Monday or Tuesday.

Today, December 18, 2012, I called customer service again. I immediately asked and was granted my call be transferred to Minneapolis customer service. When I spoke to “Will,” he was abrupt, short and tremendously rude. In a terse manner, he informed me that everything I was told the day before was incorrect and when an order is placed on, customer service only has a 30-minute window from the time the order was placed to change the shipping address… even though it was’s error, not mine. He went on to explain that does not have the ability to speak to the WH to make the change even on the orders that haven’t shipped yet. Will went on to say that if he told me what I really wanted to hear he would get fired. I only wanted a remedy to’s error. In not so many words, he said that Target is big box retailer and this is what they do, so it doesn’t matter if they were wrong, they will not fix the error. I worked in logistics for a retailer for two years. As the originator of the shipment, I was able to change the shipping address if faced with a similar error. Supposedly, doesn’t feel the need to remedy its customers’ issues as other retailers, like, who are more than happy to accommodate.

Based on my conversation with Monday’s customer rep, I made one last attempt and called UPS. UPS informed me that due to their contract with to provide only the most minimal, basic shipping services, not even UPS can reroute the package. I offered to pay additional shipping charges to upgrade the service in order to reroute the package, but this was not an option either.

So here I sit, less than one week before Christmas, with gifts for five small children… all bound for a vacant house in Nevada. Target cannot and will not help me. UPS cannot and will not help me.

Overall, is a joke. The site is difficult to navigate for even the most basic searches and purchases and their customer service is inept. I have family members and friends who work at Target and I would like to support them. Unfortunately, I will NOT be shopping on in the future. I will be shopping extensively at AMAZON.COM. I highly recommend others do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Website.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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Your advice is noted and will be taken.

In your case, loyality to your relatives and shopping elsewhere are not the same issue.

Target is a terrible business. I will shop ANYWHERE besides Target or

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