If you're buying at Target.com and want the benefit of a refund - DON'T USE PAYPAL.

I ordered a featherbed from them and paid with PayPal. I was shocked to find feathers flying all over the place when I opened the box.

Even though I received defective merchandise, Target.com would only give me a gift card - NO REFUND.

What kind of business refuses to give a refund for defective merchandise?

That's the last time Target will see me purchasing anything from them - online or otherwise. There are so many other great places to buy, with excellent customer service, so don't bother.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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such a weird guy. or girl.

or both? blah, who knows with a creeper like you.

Pathetic. Naw, funny! :zzz :zzz

exactly what Simon said. the policy is to protect themselves.

and why not just use the gift card towards another featherbed..? I mean that wouldn't be much different than an exchange because it'd still be the same end result. I mean you still needed a bed, didn't you? and oh, looks who's back.

Anonymous with a hard on because he sees that the original poster is anonymous as well. I guess you haven't had the balls to reply much on the other posts because you finally realized that everyone was not only against you but was on to you?

just calm down anonymous, no one cares about what happened to you and your experience with Target. what even happened?


Thanks for the warning. People out there everywhere need to know the tactics Target and Target on-line uses in their sales practices.

For all the support and warranty they provide, we would be better served buying from a street vendor.

At least there we know it's "buyer beware".

Thanks for getting the word out. People believe they are dealing with an honest retailer when in reality all they want is your money and then for you to go away, defective merchandise and all!!


Target only offers a gift card on returns if you purchased with PayPal. This is clearly stated in their online return policy which I'm sure you were smart enough to read before your purchase.

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