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I was searching for a car seat for my daughter and saw that they had their Britax Marathon car seats on clearance for $42.99. I purchased two of them.

The next day I got an email saying that my order was cancelled due to incorrect pricing.

Isn't this false advertisment?

I contacted their online customer service and explained the issue.

They said they were sorry that it was a price mistake and that all the orders were cancelled.

I asked to speak to management. The woman said they were busy. I asked if they could call me back. She said she needed to transfer me to the customer service people. I said okay. She did the transfer and it took me back to the same number I had originally called.

I explained the whole story, yet again, to another customer service rep. Then asked to speak to management. Again, they said they were busy. This rep. was extremely rude. I asked if the management could please call me back. She took my number. I have not received a call back so far.

I have spent thousands of dollars in Target & Super Targer over the last decade. And am extremely disappointed on how they are handling this situation.

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Same thing happened to me! They offered me a $25 gift card to use online and stated "by redeeming this e-GiftCard, you acknowledge full satisfaction and

release of any claims against Target relating to this pricing error." A whole $25 dollars, whatever!

I am not satisfied with the outcome and so have not used the ecard. They should honor their prices!!


Unfortunately, you have little recourse. Price mistakes happen, and with the amount of internet shopping, companies must be able to refuse a transaction because of this.

Say if 5000 people tried to buy an item at a wrong price, the company would take a huge hit. Happens to Sears all the time...

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