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Target, I'm very disappointed in you. I ordered four shelves to be shipped to the store. When I went to pick it up, the man that brought them out from the back stated that Fedex delivered them this way. The packaging of the shelves were all torn up. There were rips here and there on the cardboard. All four packages I ordered had chips on several of the corners. One had black stains on the corner like it was worn out and out. Another in particular had a corner broken off already. All had plenty of saw dust on them and since the packaging was broken, the styrofoam broke and stuck onto the shelves themselves.

I was willing to keep the chipped cornered shelves, but the one where the corner was already broken off, I called to get a replacement. The woman seemed like she was from India by her thick accent. I explained to her the situation. I told her I wanted a discount on the three that I was willing to keep, but I wanted a replacement on the one that had a broken corner.

She then proceeded that I got a discount of 15%. I told her that I wanted a discount because the packages I received were damaged. She stated, "Yes, I understand. You received a discount of 15%." I stated again, "No. I am telling you I want a discount because the packages I received were damaged. There were four shelves I ordered. All of them came damaged. I am willing to keep three, but one has a broken corner, so I don't want it. For the three I'm willing to keep, I want a discount on them because they are damaged. For the one with the broken corner, I want a replacement." She then proceeded that I received a discount of 15% already.

The woman put me on hold 5 times throughout our conversation. In the end, she transferred me to her supervisor. I could tell she was African American. Her supervisor told me she was unable to give me a replacement shelf. She told me that I'd have to return this damaged item back to the store and repurchase it again. I then asked if I'd be able to purchase it for the same price I got it as on Cyber Monday. She stated no.

As a customer, I'm very frustrated because I have to deal with people who don't understand English. It was very much a waste of time for me because with having been put on hold on multiple occasions, I was on the phone for an hour and 18 minutes. It was my husband's birthday night. I called on the ride to my parents' house not expecting for it to take so long. As a result of careless people wasting my time, I missed out on a majority of my husband's birthday party.

As a result, I got a 5% discount on the three shelves I was willing to keep but no replacement shelf. I returned the broken shelf back to the store. That was a big waste of gas and time. I've dealt with better customer service. Target was better than Walmart for me but not anymore. Target, your foreign call center is what ruined it for me. They wasted time I am unable to take back.

Reason of review: poor customer service and damaged products.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1075300

Which begs the question: which country in Africa was the supervisor from? My mother in law was a real African American from French Algeria.


I'd like to add that I did my role as a customer. I paid for the items I wanted promptly. As a customer, I expect a good quality product in return for my money.

to PXiong10 #1075297

Target's statement is: Expect more. Pay Less.

I expected more from you.

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