I purchased and adult size tricycle from target .com for a Christmas, for personalreasons I do not wish to share i had to return it. I carried this 70 lb bike to my local Target Store and was told I could not return the item to them with outa receipt.

I showed them was I was supplied with from their website. BUT it was not good enough I went thru 2 managers and a phone call ti target .com where the customer service personell where so rude,becasue I bought it from online I had to return it to the online Target store, NOT a Target store, are you guys confused yet. I manager on the line could not speaje very very her english was horrible. i was told I had to call for a pick-up and thery would send a truck to my house..

i said unacceotable i would not put it on my steop for anyone to come by and steal because I work and no one is home all day. well if you want your money back this is what you have to do.

The local store manage said she would returnit for me but i still have to wait 3-5 days for my cc to be credite . i'm calling my laywer

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Quote: "I manager on the line could not speaje very very her english was horrible."

Seriously? You are going to complain about someone's English like that? It becomes very difficult to take anyone seriously when they complain like that.


Quote=”I don't understand”

“I don't understand why people have the nerve to go online and complain about unfair charges or whatnot when it is clearly stated when you buy it.”

At risk of over-simplifying a complex topic (the human psyche), I can shed some light on your question from my own observations. There are three components to the problem:

(1) Human nature; (2) Current retail experience; and (3) Entitlement.

By definition the retail staff is serving the public, and there is a “superior-inferior relationship” where the TM has to follow the orders and do the bidding of the “superior” guest (who has the money and final say on whether to make a purchase or not.

Most people understand this transaction and behave decently giving the TM time and space to do a good job. However, some guests are giddy with their power, or unaware of their responsibility as the paying customer and accidently (or deliberately) push the TMs around. Guests with an unreasonable expectation of service often have a sense of entitlement and when their expectations are not met they immediately switch to attacking the TM. A smart TM would deflect these problems to the LOD (Leader On Duty) for resolution.

Both the TMs and the LOD have a role to play, and I’m not biased to protect them, although I have seen my fair share of Difficult Guests and some of them should be ejected from the store and not given any more time. These people are likely to have behaved the same way in the past and will learn nothing from the current episode. On the other hand I’ve seen TMs ‘dis’ guests, or fail to have product knowledge, or to assist a guest by answering questions, or by passing the guest to a more knowledgeable TM. Being a good TM takes a lot of work and practice with a wide range of guest personalities!

You may have noticed that Target stores have call buttons in various departments to allow a guest to summon a TM for assistance. The recorded message tells the guest to expect a response in sixty seconds or less. There is a second message that is sent over the walkie radio channel to all TMs, TLs (Team Leaders) and ETLs (Executive Team Leaders) and of course the LOD (leader On Duty). This message alerts the entire store that a call button has been activated. After forty-five seconds a second radio message warns everyone on the walkie radios that only fifteen seconds remain to clear the call.

There is a points system that penalizes the store for call button activations (a well run and correctly staffed store would never need a guest to use a call button). Points are restored for prompt cancellation of the call with thirty seconds and less points for clearing in the final fifteen seconds. Expired call buttons still have to be cleared. Reports are presented by district offices each week ranking stores by their call button performance. It is very painful to see those reports on the bulletin board in the TSC (Team Service Center offices) when they turn red or yellow instead of green, due to missed call buttons!

Why is this relevant? The daily performance of TMs and store managers is judged by the call buttons. When the store is busy or there are fewer TMs available (due to increased demand for cashiers, or when more TMs “called off” their scheduled shift and the store is shorthanded) there are more call button events.

Often when I’m the only TM running an entire area of the store I spend valuable time racing around clearing call buttons. Believe it or not some guests will repeatedly hit the button even after it has been cleared by a TM and the guest has been told to wait because the TM is engaged with a guest already in line. I have seen single guests stand and watch the TMs run around serving guests during peak hours, and still mash the call button every thirty seconds.

This is a fact of life at Target. I’m not complaining as it is my job. However, there are two sides to every story and guests often fail to see the trouble they cause themselves (as well as the TMs) due to their attitude (entitlement, ignorance, or selfishness).


I don't understand why people have the nerve to go online and complain about unfair charges or whatnot when it is clearly stated when you buy it. I realize that I don't always read the fine print, but when I realize that I'm wrong I don't go online to complain about it.

It sucks that you can't return it to the store but you bought it that way.

Besides 3-5 days is pretty fast. Call you lawyer if you want- he or she could probably use an afternoon laugh.



When you visit your online Target account, you can pull-up the purchase and then select "Return" and also your method - mail or store.”

Not all items ordered from target.com may be returned to a Target store. For example the “Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike” DPCI 242-03-6839 specifically can NOT be returned to a Target store. This is clearly stated in the target.com description:

Shipping & Policies

This item cannot be returned to a Target store; find out how to return this item to Target.com.

Shipping & Delivery Information

Estimated Ship Dimensions: 51.6 inches length x 31.3 inches width x 10.8 inches height

Estimated Ship Weight: 73.00 pounds.

This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states. We regret it cannot be shipped to APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. A separate shipping charge will also apply.

We regret that this item cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.


When you visit your online Target account, you can pull-up the purchase and then select "Return" and also your method - mail or store. And then you're directed step-by-step, how to do either.


The only thing I'm confused by is your grammar. They've given you an option for return, but you've declined to abide by it, any lawyer will laugh at you... if they can understand what you're saying of course.


Quote=”2 different stores”

“I purchased and adult size tricycle from target .com”

What is the DPCI number for your purchase?

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