Target.com is horrible.

1. Purchased an egiftcard on their site which didnt work. When I called they said the egiftcards could only be used online (not true), then they stated the ecard was canceled by the purchaser because it was stolen (not true), finally got the *** giftcard to work by signing up for the target app and for their egiftcard program only to have the app crash every time I try to retrieve the giftcards.

2. Had my baby register on target.com. Did not have receipts with every gift purchased and was told at the store the items couldnt be returned at the store or online without the original receipt (not true). After HOURS calling their online customer service we found out all that needed to be done was to print out my original registry list.

3. Ordered items on their website. The post office couldnt deliver (I dont know why) and I was told I had to call target.com to get the items retrieved. Target.com refused to help and told me to call the USPS 1-800 number. They wouldnt call for me, tell me what I was suppose to tell USPS, or explain how this would help the situation since USPS would release the items to me without target.com's approval.

4. Emailed customerservice@target.com multiple times about all of these problem with no help. All they will do is reiterate your problem back to you without any solution. When I told them this didnt help and all they were doing was reiterating what I just told them, they stopped responding to my emails.


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