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Ithought Walmarts clothes sucked. Well, I found out Target has *** a** clothes too.

I went and bought my son a Shaun White shirt and the stitching at the bottom of the shirt has come undone after he only wore the *** shirt one time! Then, I call Target and they say I can exchange it for the same piece of *** shirt. Won't that shirt do the same thing?????? Target is a bunch of *** idiots!!!!!!!

I will be going to Childrens Place and Gymboree from now on!!!!! Targets clothes are cheap!

Don't buy clothes from here!!!!!!! Customer Service can go suck a big d*** too!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #1348764

No. Walmart has much better quality clothing than Target and a lot more choices.

Target's clothes are geared for age 14-22 period. I have a brand new Target and every time I've been in the store there are NO SHOPPERS in the clothes section.

That should tell you something. Their clothes prices are high for a big box store. K-Mart has better quality and selection! What's with the "soft, clingy, fabric"?

You have to have the body of a pre-teen to wear it. Wise up Target.

Women with average (or larger) figures are the ones with disposable income. :upset

I agree and some of the clothes at Target aren't cheap either. at least Walmart clothes are cheap and you get what you pay for. I saw a cardigan that looked like something I could get at Walmart for 30 bucks!

Manhattan, New York, United States #658561

A lot, "Anonymous" is a shill.


You get what you pay for, you buy a $5.00 shirt, that's what you get.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #655449

Just because one shirt had a flaw, doesn't mean that they all do. If I had been in you situation I wouldn't have bothered calling them, I would have taken a needle and thread and sewed the area up, myself.

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